Monday, December 7, 2015

Wild Card

November 26, 2015

Well this week a wild card was thrown at me.. Something that I never would have expected.. Ever.. Like ever... 

I am no longer an assistant....

I am now going to be a group leader in a city called Limoeiro.. Which means lemon tree.. And I am going to open yet another area and train once again... 

This came  to me as a complete surprise. I thought I was going to stay in the office until I went home. I love this place.. But now I will be going. 

So a group leader is the person who is in charge of basically a mini ward.. I am leading the group.. .It just doesnt have enough members to be a ward yet so I will be in charge for like 5 weeks in a place that I dont know at all.. But it will all be good. The Lord trusts me so I will do what I need to do. 

My new son is a stud. He is already a super natural missionary. I will be happy to be with him for the next month.. 

So for those of you who dont know I now know that I will be home on January 6th. I cant believe that this time has come up.. 

I wont even have time to think about the time passing because I will be super busy.. Maybe not as busy as I was here, but I am now. 

This week was pretty good.. With a surprise division during the weekend.. I stayed with Elder Niu who is a tongan from New Zealand. He is a stud I loved it. 

Then we had a crazy transfer... while that was happening we were having the training for the new missionaries who got there.. it was a crazy time and I have never been going so nonstup in my who life haha.. 

I love you all, thank you for all of your support.. Its super weird.. I cant believe that I am leaving the mission office.. I hope that Christmas will be cool still... In the Middle of nowhere.. Just kidding. 

It was really hard to say goodbye to Cesar, Christiane, and Layna.. They were super sad to see me go.. They even made a poem about how much of an impact we had on them. I WILL NEVER FORGET THEM.

Keep up everything great that you all are doing.. and Help the missionaries!
-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

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