Thursday, May 21, 2015

Working hard, forgot it was my birthday

March 18, 2015

So Like in the title we were working hard this week. I was in a weird mood because everything we were doing just didnt seem to be working out. But On saturday... My birthday no one knew it was my birthday so it was literally just a normal day for me. 

As a zone leader I get to do more divisions than usually. IT will be cool. I dont like them a whole lot because you get out of focus for your area... But you get to know and love the other missionaries in your zone so that will be pretty cool. 

So just like my last area that took a long time to get into the swing... Thats whats happening here. LAst week we did so much teaching and found so many people... like 24 people were going to go to church... no one went... So that makes things hard as a missionary haha. You work the whole week to get people to have all the blessings of going to church.. I{f they dont go it feels like all your work went to waste.. But things will go great in this area. The members are super focused in the work..> We just need to invite them all to help us out and this ward will be strengthened like none other...

Like the song the first cut is the deepest... The first weeks are the hardest in a new area when you both get there at the same time.

So this is something that I was studying this week. 


If you notice that the first three words spell out WAY... So who are you?} you are all the way that someones lives could be blessd... I want you all to ask God what that means to all of you... HE WILL answer... We may not get an answer right away... but He will answer... I know it.... we need to work our hardest to try to be the example and person God expects us to be... But we cant know how that is unless we ask.. So ask :)

We had a miracle day this week.. It was great... We just gotta keep working hard. 

LOVE you all so much.. 

Elder Hamrick

This is our zone.. MESSEJANA Elder Carvalho, Elder Matheson, Elder Albino, Elder Wilson, Elder Machado, Elder Almeida, Elder McChesney (My companion), ME
Sister Pelacios, sister ?, sister Cunha, sister flores, sister deitos, sister ugarte, sister stevens, sister j. silva, sister godoi, sister ramualdo, sister l. santos

We found a mouse in our apartment :O
I caught him
Here is the area

Monday, May 4, 2015

Things Changed a Bit

Rain or Shine... It's time to work

May 4, 2015

SO this week was honestly super crazy. I can hardly remember what happened at the beginning and what happened at the end. We had the opportunity to have an Apostle come to our mission. we were also able to be with the other misison here. Fortaleza. I was able to see a bunch of my friends from that mission. I saw Hunter Bishop too! I am sad that I didnt get to take a photo with him. 

But I love Elder Christofferson.. He is super awesome. Super happy and an example for all of us. I have learned a lot about being happy with him.. .Also I learned a lot about who I am... And the reason we are here is to help everyone come to know who they are. It was a great experience and I am super grateful that I had the chance to be a part of it.. 

We started off the week super awesome...but this week it was looking like we werent going to have another baptism this week. After 6 weeks... Well we were just praying and searching for someone to be baptized... welll then out of nowhere 30 minutes before lunch I got a call that I was going to be transferred... sO I left right after lunch... 

The rest of this week was even crazier... I stayed with the Assistants for a long time... Until today I have been with them doing everything that they do... It is super interesting to see what it is like to be an assistant... For now I do not have my companion... But I do know that I was transferred to an area called Messejana Tamandaré... And I am now  a Zone Leader... So If I didnt learn enough about bing a leader there I need to elarn a lot more... and fast haha.. 

But everything will work out... I will eventuially get my companion... Things will all be happy and I will be going home before no time... I didnt really get to work very much this week... super weird.. .But next week it will all work out.. 

I spent a lot of time with people going home... I am thinking a lot about home now haha... But I have less than 8 months now... The time is flying... when I leave my next area I think I will probabloy have less than 3 months.. .

I cant believe it is mothers day this week. 


I Love you all.. .

Elder Hamrick

The baptisms the past two weeks... Now I can send pictures! 


family night.. I sang and played guitar this time! IT was super good after 8 months to finally perform something

CASTELÂO the soccer arena here

Last day with Elder Sampaio