Monday, December 7, 2015

This one will be short

October 26, 2015

So this last week.. like all the other ones was super busy... 

I got a new companion. Elder Marrey.. He is a stud.. We already get along really well.. We didnt really know eachother before.. But I am already liking it.. 

we had a miracle baptism.. Well every baptism is a miracle.. 

This man has worked outside the mission office for quite a few years now.. And the missionaries had never thought about teaching him.. well if they did think, they never did teach him.. He was baptized this week... He was the one who gave us hope last week at the last minute.. the happiness on his face just made me super happy.. After the baptism he like was so excited and just happy.. he waved to everyone watching with the biggest smile ever.. I asked him if it was a cool experience.. then he said.. OH THE BEST.. he always calls me Irmãozinho... or in english little brother.. he has had a rough life.. But I know the best thing for him is the gospel.. Miracles happen.. We just need to find them :)


It is interesting that we were able to work almost the whole week. We got a lot of work done... but We still didnt get as many people to church as we would have liked.. God still blessed us for the work that we were able to get done. Another person who just seems totally ready to hear the gospel.. I love the gospel so much.. 

Its weird, I still dont feel like I am the assistant.. Like.. not at all.. I just feel like a normal missionary.. (Who does a lot of crazy stuff) haha.. But its cool still.. Time is going by super fast now. 

I love you all.. I dont really have much else to say.. We found this super awesome family.. We both were told that we need to talk to them.. So we did.. He is an innactive memmber who has been wanting to go back to church.. He doenst live in our area though.. he and his wife want to go to church.. Not all of his family is baptized.. only him.. But we felt the spirit.. And a really strong connection with them.. It was cool.

I love you all a whole lot.. Hope you had a great week.. 

-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

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