Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh This Has Gotta be the Good Life

October 5, 2015

So this week I think I am going to send you all a good old fashion email by writing.. I dont know why but I just feel like its better for this week.

So to start off the week we had.. Wait I dont even remember what week we are in haha,. 

But We had some more trainings on Tuesday with the missing zones.. It was cool to see how each set of Zone Leaders took things a different way. We have been spending some good time with President Fusco.. He is such a great man.. I look up to him in a lot of ways.. He told me some things that I will never forget this week.. I will tell you here in a bit.. 

So after the training there we went on an exchange with some elders.. Elder Molina got to go back to his last area and work back (in his kingdom) and get a lot of great work done.. We had a good time here on our end to.

The next day we were going to do our studies then end the division, but I ended up getting like 3 phone calls about a transfer and we had to go and figure that out.. So we traded back and got everything settled out with the transfer. We had to go and buy tickets to get places and everyhing.. Transfers here are alittle complicated because sometimes they have to be transferred to a place that is like 10 hours away by bus.. 

After that we had an interesting day. We had to get a lot of things done.. We got everything organized to go to Juazeiro and do the mission conference there. we got all that done.. Went out to work for about two hours then we had to come back for dinner with President and Elders Hwang and Austad.. Everytime a missionary leaves that happens.. they have dinner with President.. This time it was super special because it was just us four assistants.. like it was an environment that like never would be possible again.. I loved it.. He gave us some really good advice there too. 

  • When we come back we need to make sure that our lives are Centered on Christ.. Like the Sun and the Earth.. We need to have our lives as the earth revolving around the Sun or Son of God. Usually people have their lives as if their life was the sun and Christ revolved around them.. They usually dont succeed to their potential that way.. It is super good advice I need to apply.
  • Also He said that the percentage of Assistants who fall away from the church is higher than the percentage of missionaries that have any other position in the field. 
  • He told us because Satan has the most power against us.. Like what he always does.. He goes for the Leaders.. To bring down other peopl faster.. I need to be careful.. I dont see myself as one of those great leaders.. But we ALWAYS need to be prepared. 
The rest was just really a good feeling as if we were with a relative. 
After that it would have been quite the sight to see. We had to carry a bunch of packages to bring with us on the Bus to bring to the people in the interior.. IT WAS SO MUCH STUFF.. it took so long and it was a struggle, but it all worked out in the end.. 

We ended up being late to a meeting the next day because of a confusion with a bus ticket and we got there. Luckily we made it in time to do the Mission conference.. It is crazy how much we do.. After the Conference we went and did an exchange with a companionship to help them out.. And that same night.. Traveled back (10 hrs) to Juazeiro.. 

Then it was already Saturday! Time for conference! We didn thave anyone to bring to conference the first session on saturday... So we watched it in the Mission Office.. It was super nice to watch it in English.. 

then we had a miracle and This person we are teaching came to conference.. The story of IAGO is super sad.. Like I want to just take him in.. he is such a good guy.. I want to help him out.. So I am going to do my best to help him get baptized. .

The next day we had more conference! It was amazing and had more miracles we were able to bring 5 people to conference.. and we had to run back get the baptismal font ready.. we were going to be late and a member passed by right when we were leaving and gave us a ride. .THe Lord blesses us so much.. I dont even understand it.. But I am doing the best I can and I accept all the blessings He is wanting to give to us. 

The baptism was super special.. and I cant wait to see them being sealed in the Temple. 

I love this Gospel so much. 
I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES... I want everyone else to understand what happiness is waiting for them on the other side of the Path.. PLEASE if you have not read the Book of Mormon or visited the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.. Or prayed about the truths that are taught there.. Do so now.. There is not a better time than today..  I love The Savior with all of my heart.. I never want to cause him more pain than I already have... A lot in the past.. But that is why it is so great.. The Love of God is indescribebale... I want you to feel it.. Pray with all of your heart tonight to know if he is there.. and if he loves you.. 

-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

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