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November 9, 2015

Exchanges is the title of the email this week, because that is what we did basically every single day this last week. It is interesting. Like I am getting to know basically the whole mission now that I am going on so many exchanges.. This week didnt seem like there was anything all too exciting. I mean.. compared to where I was at the beginning of my mission, its all exciting.. Heck I am in the work of the LORD... Its super exciting haha

Really though I dont have a whole lot to tell you about. I went on a whole bunch of exchanges. We had a couple of difficult days, but everything was looking good for our baptism this week. Then we found some stuff out and the baptism didnt work out in the end. That was a pretty big bummer.. But I know that things will still work out some way. 

I have been focusing a lot about Becoming better this past week. I have realized that I have so much to do still. I have grown and changed quite a bit, but I am still no where near what I think the Lord wants me to do. SO that is my focus. 

I have learned over the course of some time that Goals are super important in life. Not just in missionary work. SO I have a challenge for all of you. I want you to all set a Goal.. Something that would be super important to you. Pray your heart out, do your best, and see what happens.. I know the Lord answers our prayers. I know that He loves you all. I know that because I see it every single day. 

Today we had to give a surprise training about Inviting people to be baptized, and inviting them to church. Two of the most important invites anyone could invite you to do.. SO I am inviting you. Go and see what God has for you and visit the LDS church. And for the people who are already members. Go to church Remembering WHY you are there.. I love you all. 

Thank you for all you do
-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

I love this family!
Elder Marrey, Me, Cesar, Cristiane, and Layna


The cutest dog! He fell asleep on my shoe! 

A lizard

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