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Sorry, it's been like 3 weeks

October 22, 2015

I am sooooo soooo sorry it has been such a long time since I have talked to you all... dont worry. I am totally fine! JUST SUPER CRAZY BUSY! I am happy and working so dont worry.. I will try to get you all caught up on the last few weeks of my life. I promise I will try to get a lot better at responding to you all, or at least writing a letter to you all once a week :)

Alright so where do I even start.. HAHA holy cow.. So like 2 weeks ago we had a special mission conference.. This mission conference was super special for President Fusco also.. Because what happened was it was President Swensen that came to our mission! He is the MTC president here in Brazil.. Also he just happened to be President Fuscos Mission President... Imagine that... Your assistant becoming a mission president and then going there to his mission to visit.. It was super cool. Sister Swensen did this really cool thing with the Restoration.. Playing all these hymns of the restoration and showing a slideshow and talking and bearing testimony.. it was super powerful. .

I had a cool experience again with a really strong prompting.. We were looking for the daughter of this guy. we had never met his daughter though.. Well as we were walking to the mans house I just had a straight up feeling that said "THATS HER"... and what did I do.. I just was like no.. thats weird.. What if thats not her.. Well we passed by and talked to the man.. it just so happened to be her that passed by us.. And I missed it.. Luckily the Lord still gave me a second chance because it happened again.. This time we talked with her.. so that was way cool. We just have to listen.

Two weeks ago we just had a big struggle getting to work in our area normally.. Like every single day something happened that made us only be able to work from 6-9.. I love being assistant.. sometimes its just sad because you cant get enough follow up in your own area haha.. 

Two weeks ago also there was these drunk guys who were playing music for us.. In Brazil they play music suuuuuper loud in the middle of the street.. They played "Stayin´alive", "Girls just wanna have fun" and this song that just repeatedly said BRAZILLLLLLLL. It was funny haha. 

Also two weeks ago during fast and testimony meeting I felt the spirit super strong... Like crazy strong.. Cesar, Cristina, and Layna. The family that we baptized and reactivated went up to bear testimony.. I loved it.. Cesar pointed us out and said I KNOW THAT THE LORD LOVES ME.. IF IT WERENT FOR ELDER HAMRICK AND ELDER MOLINA I DONT KNOW IF I WOULD HAVE EVER COME BACK TO THE CHURCH... It was super crazy the feeling I had.. Like He was so grateful for something that I dont even feel like I did.. All of the biggest miracles that happened in my mission really came to me when I really didnt do anything to recieve the miracle.. like out of nowhere it just comes up and I feel super blessed. 

Sunday was an interesting day last week.. We had basically lost all hope with bringing people to church.. There were so many people that basically just tricked us into believing that they were going to go to church.. Its sad that they basically just blatently lie to us.. The night before we were looking for more people to come to church with us.. We were searching so crazily.. Then I said wait we need to say a prayer.. We said it.. Within one minute someone yelled at us from accross the street "TAKE ME TO CHURCH, I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU GUYS SOME DAY" I stopped that second and thanked God.. he blessed us so much.. except he didnt go to church... But we left church right before sacrament meeting to go help this man get to church.. he told us no.. Then we got straight with him and said do you want to keep living your life like this? then he just walked away.. We thought he walked away mad.. so we just sat there for a bit like.. Dang thats it.. Then we were talking about hope.. Then He comes back and he had gotten dressed ( Put on a shirt and a hat ) it was amazing. He loved it and he should be baptized this week. This man is amazing.. I have a lot more of a story about him later.. 

So this last week we had transfers.. It was crazy.. There was a group of 18 that got here.. we also had to get the other like 70 missionaries figured out where they need to go.. Transfers are crazy..  And with all of that there were 10 missionaries that went home and finished their missions! (Elder McChesney one of my old companions is gone now) it was cool though. 

The next few days we had a training for all the new missionaries. .SOmething cool that we got to do was spend some time with Elder Godoys son... The seventy... I am friends with him now.. he was really cool. he was with us during the trainings.. And he also worked with us one of the days.. It was super cool. I loved it. 

I love the people here.. this week we found a Brazilian Jack SParrow.. he was super funny and just like him.

WE had the primary program this week. >It was super cute.. I loved it.. I felt the spirit a lot.. 

LASt of all the craziest thing.. ELDER MOLINA WAS TRANSFERRED>> THERE IS A NEW ASSISTANT ELDER MARREY.. Elder Molina is going to a place called Quixada.. Saturday.. So I will be training the new assistant basically by myself in 2 days.. Its crazy.. A lot of stuff has happened. sorry I havent talked much to you.. I love you all so much. 

-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

Exchange in my old area! Visits the Y! 

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