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Find Out Why

November 16, 2015

​So this week started off with a bang. haha we had one of the coolest family home evenings ever. It was super cool and like all the youth in the ward were involved.. And it was at Cesars house.. There are so many youth in this ward! So it made for a good time, I will send pictures here in a little bit. It was way cool though.. That night we also found something out that changed our week a whole lot. 

We found out that we were going to go to Juazeiro for most of the week.. So that was crazy to find out.. We had to get everything figured out so that our area wouldnt be empty.. And all the people we were talking to wouldnt be abandoned.. It was crazy. So Tuesday we were doing that, following up with everyone that we needed to, and telling them that we would only be back next week. So we will see if the people felt any difference without talking to us. It will be interesting. 

The next day we also had this sister who went home because she stayed the MOST amount of time possible on her mission. It was cool to have a dinner at Presidents house with her. She didnt want to go home. She could have kept serving, but it was time for her to go home. I wonder what type of missionary I will be when that time comes.. I love this work like none other, but it made me think.. ​

So the day that we were going to leave we had a surprise.. We had an elder that was sick in the hospital, and we got to help his companion and him out by going to the hospital, then their area to get clothes and stuff. Our bus left at 12:30 in the afternoon.. So we went there and got into MARACANAU... which is pretty far away from the bus station to go to JUazeiro.. I was able to spend a little time with one of my old companions.. Elder West! It was pretty cool. It was good to think back on memories and to hear about all the people that are super strong in the church now. I love it .. But it was  a little complicated.. We were in Maracanau and it was 11:15... so we had to take a taxi to the bus station.. We got there, while I was waiting for my companion the bus left the station.. So we got in the Car of the missionary couple in our mission and literally chased the bus down! Luckily it was going to another bus station.. We were able to make it there.. And everything safe.. Stressful, but it all worked out. 

It was cool to see everything on a 10 hour bus ride all the way to Juazeiro.. It was super beautiful. 

When we got there we did some exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Hadlock who is super awesome, and Elder Azevedo, my singing buddy.. Who is super good and he did shows and stuff before the mission. It was cool because there was a cool meeting there.. This district is so close to becoming a stake.. So It was exciting.. Elder Mazzagardi was there from the area presidency. He said some pretty good stuff that I will always remember.. I have it all written down.. He told some pretty cool stories too. Also it was good to hear some good talks from President Fusco as well.. The phrase that stood out the most to me was this

​It was super cool.. It sounds a lot cooler in portuguese. haha.. But I liked it a lot. 

The reason why I called this email "Find Out Why" because I didnt really know why we were there the whole time.. We left 2 baptisms behind here in our area... It made me sad.. And they didnt even end up happening.. But I didnt really know what was going on.. But I found out that I just needed to be obedient and make the best of it.. President called us to go there.. SO I will do what the Lord told him to do. 

Also I was wearing these shoes that I had redone that completely destroyed my feet. I have never had so many blisters on my feet, but its all part of the work of the Lord... everything that I pass through I know it will make me stronger.. He loves us. I dont have a doubt about that.. I love you all too.. Keep up your wonderful faith.. Keep praying. I know He hears you.. Love you :)​

-Élder Parker Hamrick

Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

Family night
With açai


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