Monday, December 29, 2014

Well Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 29, 2014

Well this week was Christmas!

We started off the week with an awesome family night that we are teaching right now. We went into it with lots of prayers because the members that we were going to bring with us werent able to come... well We prayed a lot and a member from a different area came and made the family night great. I love how much the Lord has his hands in everything that we do. 

(THe family! Elder R. Oliveira, ME, Gustavo, Elaiane, Sharla, Rony, Elder Guimarães, and Elder Matheson)

One thing that has frustrated me a little bit this week is that I was thinking about how I was teaching pretty well back in the US. Here I have changed a lot and also I think I have gotten worse at teaching, but it just gives me that much more motivation to work harder to teach even better! ALWAYS have something to get better at.

So Here in Brazil. Christmas is usually celebrated more on Christmas Eve. We got permission to stay out later this night until ten so we could eat with this awesome family. Well time went by faster than we all thought. When everything was finished we had to go back home. Luckily they dropped it off for us at our house. We had TURKEY it was a good night. I felt happy. 

(Amazing Christmas Food) 

Then CHRISTMAS. We woke up with our little Christmas tree and the few presents we had underneath it. To be honest I was feeling pretty lonely during these days, but then I realized I dont need to feel lonely. EVERYONE here is feeling the same way. We are all away from home and it still doenst feel like Christmas. But it was good. I wanted to make Christmas good for everyone. So I stayed up a little later that night to wrap a few presents for everyone after they were all asleep. I didnt have much to give, but what I could I gave. It was a good morning. Then We had the day. We decided to bring a little bit of American Tradition to Brazil. Elder Matheson and I decided to go Christmas Caroling to some members! IT was awesome. YOu could see the Joy and happiness on their faces. I will for sure do that next year too.

(Talking with my family on Christmas)

So theres a famous song here called MEN DONT CRY. Well everyone here makes jokes about it. My companion will be transferred today and I will be with another american named Elder West. I dont know him at all but there will be 3 americans in our house! Woohoo! 

Something that happens here is that adults will have their kids lie to us to tell us something thats not true. Like if they dont want to talk to us. They will say oh menino Vai e fala Que Eu não Sou Aqui ``Kid say that I am not here`` its pretty sad. Immoralizing children already. 

Also people here are sometimes so bad against mormons that they wont even accept help from us. We were trying to help someone move and she said no. I am evangelist. I dont want your help.. Really Christlike. Trying to help and they wont even accept it. 

Theres awful music here called FUNK. Well all during church this week someone was blasting it in the road. 

Well the next time you guys will hear from me will be 2015! how crazy is that?


Elder Hamrick

I'm a little more tan here... My foot and my hand. 

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