Monday, December 1, 2014

Nada demais Aconteceu Essa semana

December 1, 2014

Nothing really happened this week for us in MAracanau

The first day after P day we had to go all the way to Fortaleza to recieve a training... Well we were supposed to be there at 8 in the morning. Woke up at like 5:45 to get there in time... Well we took a train then took a bus to get there... well we decided to get off the bus WAY TOO EARLY... we were still way far away from where we were trying to get. Well none of the other elders had any money to pay for another bus... so.... We walked an hour and a half to get to where we needed to be... nossa.... It was crazy. We all arrived practically soaking wet and dirty. IT was pretty funny, but also pretty annoying. The training was good there. We learned a lot about how we can change and do better here in the mission. We went to a restaurant in Fortaleza that had HOT CHOCOLATE! but it wasnt the same... because it is really hot here. ( IT DOESNT FEEL ANYTHING LIKE CHRISTMAS YET) 

I recieved a strong testimony that God really does answer prayers. I was thinking a lot about the past and how I had made so many mistakes. I was wondering if I was really forgiven for what I had done. I prayed with all of my heart that night... I knew That I would recieve an answer. and the next morning I was studying and the first thing I read in the morning was  For verily say unto you, will that ye should overcome theworld; wherefore will have compassion upon you.

 There are those among you who have sinned; but verily say,for this once, for mine own gloryand for the salvation of souls, Ihave forgiven you your sins.

 will be merciful unto you, for have given unto you thekingdom.

I know that OUR Savior Loves each and every one of us... I know that he wants to forgive us but we have to take the steps to be forgiven for what we have done. 

This week an innactive member of the church decided to tell us that if we continue on this path we would not be saved. I recieved this enough in the US it really doesnt bother me at all anymore. Just makes me sad for them. That they had the chance and now they are completely going against the ways to salvation. 

THis week I have been missing work in the US a lot. I feel here it is much faster and much less meaningful... but I just need to make it more meaningful. Just because others teach in one way doesnt mean I cant change.. Thats whats so amazing about this gospel. WE can ALWAYS get better and become better people. 

Work is so much better when you can have fun. One day we just laughed a lot. I found more joy in the work. Sometimes we dont talk much, but I know that this work is meant to be joyful and we need to make it that way. 

I am starting to get to know more missionaries in this mission. When I got here I was pretty sad because I knew nobody... BEcause in Washington I knew basically everyone. I am ready to change and be a better missionary. The Lord is waiting for me, and I dont want Him to wait that much longer. 

My portuguese is getting a lot better. I can talk with anyone, and I am working on the accent more and more every week. HOPEFULLY PICTURES WORK THIS WEEK. IF NOT I WILL BE SAD. 

I love you all

Elder Hamrick

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