Monday, December 1, 2014

Let's Work This Out

Jesus loves you and wants to save you! 

November 17, 2014

So this week honestly felt great. Since we are working with less active members and new members of the Church more It is really cool to see. MEmbers who simply just stopped going to church for little reasons are willing to come back to church again just like that. One even might have serving a mission in his sights. It is crazy how awesome this work is. Sure maybe we didnt have the best numbers this week, but I know that I at least tried my best to help people out this week. When I was in the United STates I could care less about my numbers. When I got here I felt like numbers number numbers were everything that anyone cared about, so Of course so did I. But I realized this week that I need to stop because even if we get to talk to one person its ``NOT JUST ONE`` NAO UM SO This phrase I came up with in the United States, but then forgot about it. I will be using it a lot when my companions get frustrated. I gave Elder Guimaraes a peptalk this week. We were both struggling with how we were feeling, but then I realized I just need to be happy. We are doing a great work out here.. A super good quote about less actives is ``Let us reach to lift hands which hang hopelessly down`` They are in need of help and they have forgotten how much the gospel has blessed their lives. 

As you can probably tell my attitude has completely shot up. I am honestly pretty happy here, my portuguese is at the point where people arent really having a hard time talking with me or understanding me, and it feels great. But I need to work much harder on my portuguese. I want to sound just like a brazilian. I want people to question ``Are you really american`` I am beginning to love portuguese. It is a really hard language for sure, but I am learning a bit more each and every day. 

I had a really good exchange with another elder this week. It just felt good. We were both happy, both talking and getting some serious work done. That is how it should be done every single day haha. 

So one day for lunch we had something pretty interesting it is called Buxada De Bode. Which means intestines (Tripe) of a BillyGoat... It was actually pretty good. I will include a video and a picture in a little bit so you can see me being brave. I like pretty much everything I have eaten here so far. So that is pretty cool haha. 

We had something cool happen with every single mission in BRazil. There are some places in Brazil that are having some problems with water. Either they have too much, or they barely have any. So all the missions as a whole fasted on saturday for the people with this problem. It was cool I could feel the power of missionaries while I was fasting. Fasting here is a lot harder. NOt really because of the hunger... but of the thirst. It is hot haha, and we couldnt drink water for 24 hours. I am sure a big miracle will happen with this. 

I used a whole journal already... Luckily I have another one. HOly cow My mom would never have thought she would read this haha. I write in my journal every day. 

I also had to give a talk this sunday... Well I got the opportunity to give a talk. It was... I really dont know. People here didnt really say anything to me. All they said was ``Da para intender`` WHich basically means I could understand you. 

I think this week was a great week for me. We will have a baptism this next week and I think It will be another week full of miracles.


Elder Hamrick 

Te Amo

I am super strong I did this to a car... maybe.. or maybe a pole

Buxada de Bode Billygoat intestines
Sorry, the video didn't work, but here is a picture.
Old planner, new planner

Fun With Food Coloring with Elder Coiti, ME, ROnin, Sharla, Elder Simer, And Elder Guimaraes

More fun with food coloring

I forgot something pretty exciting that happened this week.. I saved an 11 year olds life... She was hanging from a quarter pipe and a light pole about 15 feet off the ground. At first she was laughing when we asked if she was all good. she said ya I just need to get up eventually. Then we continued talking to one of her friends when she started to slip.. crying she asked for help. So as fast as I could I sprinted up the 15 foot half pipe to go and save her. She was slipping and I tried to grab her hands to help her up.. She was too scared to let go .So I picked her up by her arms and hauled her over the side of the half pipe. I have lost a lot of Strenght, but miraculously I was able to lift her up and save her life. Afterwards she decided to just run off...

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