Monday, December 29, 2014

God Does Answer Prayers

We have a Christmas Tree

December 8, 2014

So this week I learned a lot about how much Our Heavenly Father Loves us all. I know that when we take the time to pray with our whole heart he stops everything to listen to you in that exact minute. The love he has in limitless and I am more than grateful. 

SO this story was awesome. We were in a lesson this week. the lesson was full of the spirit. I was just feeling great, saying things I didnt even know I was going to say and not even thinking about speaking portuguese. then I got a feeling to promise these 2 people to PRAY WITH ALL THEIR HEART right after they left. Then Open the Book of Mormon to the first verse that catches their attention, and if they read it, they will feel that this is right and that this ONE verse was really meant for them. After I made this promise I did the same thing that night. When I prayed with all of my heart I knew I was being heard. I read a scripture Alma 27:18 which basically says that when we say things by the spirit it WILL happen. If that wasnt an answer I dont know what is. He is always there to listen to each and every one of us. 

I had some pretty good exchanges this week. One was with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Molina. He is a great missionary. I am trying to work hard to really show my love to people, Ifelt the spirit a lot with him and it was a good day for me. HE speaks a lot of languages he is from Honduras but speaks english spanish french and portuguese fluentely. Hes a bro. THen Another exchange with Elder Matheson in the same ward. IT was cool being with another american again. I felt like Iwas back in the US for a bit.

This week I did 10 months in the mission and about 3 months here in brazil. Surprisingly my portuguese is getting really better. SOme have said that I already speak better than some other elders that were here for more than 8 months. I am working hard. 

So this week I had a dream of what I want to do when I get home. I want to go on tour and learn to speak a bunch of languages. And then share the importance the gospel has in my life to every person who I sing to... 

I am still having a little trouble with how to work here. I am not feeling the best about how we are working and that we are really helping people. I just need to find a way to mix the two styles of working and I will be perfectly fine... I hope... I miss working in the US a lot, but also  I am starting to like it here. 

The SPIRIT IS KEY. Without the spirit we are just talking...we need the spirit more and I am working on it a lot. 

SO I have a michael buble christmas CD... I listen to it a lot. ``ITs beginning to Look a lot like Christmas`` doesnt ever apply here I dont think... but there are some cool lights in some areas. 

I ate cow feet this week. It was good

Love you all,

Know that the Lord hears every one of your prayers. Its the little things that matter. 

ELder Hamrick

a fruit called acerola It is kind of like a cherry but more sour and with 3 seeds

we had a baptism 3 weeks ago! Vitoria shes cool

Ya we can Be spirtual giants and be cool at the same time

I ate a hot dog... In the mall 

It's Christmas time and Christ is the present. 

Elder Molina and I 
I found a motorcycle with kansas on it

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