Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm in Brazil...

November 24, 2014

You know you are starting to get used to things when you have to pause for a minute and think... ``IM in Brazil``

You could say things are going well for me. Honestly portuguese is coming a long a lot better and a lot faster right now. I am able to speak basically fluently having little to no problems talking with people. I dont know all the words, but I know enough. NOw that I am at this point it is time to work on my accent and making people think I really do speak portuguese. HAving an accent is something really annoying for brazilians I think. So I will definitely be working on this. NOw that I can basically say what I need to say, I need to work on expressing my personality for people. SOmething I learned in WAshington was that I am put in places for my personality and how I need to respond to them. SO I need to be ME not just some random missionary.

We are working a lot with Baptize Retain and REactivate. We are trying our best to keep all of these areas high. It is so important for all the members of this church to have a testimony of the things that they know. THEY NEED ONE. Without a testimony one thing can make everything crumble and fall.. No one wants that. I know that each part of this plan is important and the Lord trusts us to do our best to help them in whatever way that we can. THe blessing of eternal families is just toooooo strong for people to be missing out on. They need to know the importance and the happiness that this will bring to their lives. I know that it has a huge effect on me. I am so thankful for this.

With this new program we arent really finding near as many people as before, but we are trying our best to find in all situations. It is different to just find people... When you find people who are really interested. 

One day here it rained! Rain is such a glorious thing here. It is super hot.... So rain feels sooo good, because it has a lot of wind and its cooler. But here it doesnt rain very much when it does rain. Literally rained for about 2 hours. And by 3 o clock it was same old hot and sunny like it usually is.. MAn it is crazy how different my skin is now. I am so much tanner. It is crazy to look where the sun hasnt hit... Like half of my neck is white as snow, and the other half is like an african american... sort of... haha;. 

We saw an epic dog and cat fight this week. We were walking then all of the sudden a group of people started yelling. We looked behinf and 3 dogs were attacking 1 cat. one big dog bit the cat and had it in its jaws swinging it around like it was dead... well 2 seconds later that same cat scratched one of the dogs until it cried and ran away then ran up a tree and escaped. DONT MESS WITH CATS HERE!

WE had a baptism this week! My first baptism in brazil. It is cool to think that there was a party going on down here, and also a party going on in heaven. This is such an important promise that we need to make to live with our families forever.

Love you all,



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