Monday, December 29, 2014

Still Doesnt Feel Like Christmas

December 22, 2014

This week was a pretty awesome week. We started it off with a Whole Mission Wide Conference. We had PANCAKES! that never happens. We also got to watch a movie. It is called Arthur Christmas. Its so good. The one movie I get to watch for a whole year. But it was super good and really applicable in the life of a missionary. It talks about the Worth of one Soul... WHICH IS A LOT. So at least I will come home with one Soul changed... Mine :)

We had a really awesome day this week. Usually we ask people if they know anyone that would like the message that we share. Well usually nothing happens because of that. But this day we were able to find 9 new people to teach because of that... Its awesome. I hope we can help them all out and get them to where they need to be.

SOmething happened that I really didnt like this week. We were teaching these Teenage girls that are awesome, The only problem they dont want to go to church or anything... Well one of them said she felt like she was being forced. it absolutely killed me. That is the number one thing I dont want to make people feel like. like they are getting forced to do this. I prayed a lot that night. I will work even harder to continue helping people in a better way. 

We got a new Elder in the House and in Alto Da Mangueira. He is awesome. His name is Elder R. Oliveira. 

So I have lost a lot of weight here in Brazil... When you grab my shoulder you grab basically bone haha. Well now I weigh a little bit lest than 158 pounds... haha. I will probably lose even more. Who knows we will see.

So there is something weird in this area. We have a lot of Drunk people come up to us and just talk. We never know what they are saying. One time about a month ago.. A drunk guy wanted us to give him a visit. Well we couldnt his house. We have had 3 chances to run into us this week. He is not very happy with us. We were eating at a bakery. well he decided to sit down with us and try to forcefully take our food. Well a guy working there didnt like that. He kicked him out. but he kept coming back . So he kept having to be rough with him. the last time he passed by he said ``Eu vou Te MATAR Viu?`` which means. Im going to kill you alright? Woohoo drunk people. they just buy beer. Then Beg for food. Its aweful.

WE had 9 people at church this week. I was super pumped. there were 2 families included in this number. I love teaching families. It makes the essence of the gospel so much stronger. WE will be marrying a couple soon. 

We had our ward Christmas party this week. It was awesome. I sang A Christmas song. A lot of people recorded it, except me haha. Well then we had dinner there. It was good. The next day I woke up feeling pretty sick. So did my companion. We got to church and during sacrament meeting like 30 people left because they were sick too. Haha I think the meat that we had went bad... It was really funny, but pretty awful at the same time. 

This week is Christmas. IT DOESNT EVEN FEEL LIKE ITS CLOSE. but we will see how it goes. I love you all and hope that you have like the best Christmas ever. For me :) I will be here sweating and dreaming of snow.



christmas parties

Amazing Cakes!!

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