Monday, December 29, 2014

Something Has Changed Within Me

Cow Beatles

December 15, 2014

So yes I still really like Wicked. But this statement of the email is so true. When I got here to Brazil I was kind of just a spoiled brat. Wanting everything that I had no way of getting. I was just here suffering because I wanted to I guess. Well The whole time I have been here I have been thinking a lot about who I am, and who I want to be. How I want to help people out. I really havent found that out yet, but I think that I am getting there. 

I had an interview with President Fusco.. He answered one of my most heartfelt prayers I have been having for a long time here in Brazil. I want to be a missionary that the Lord can trust with literally anything.. Well during the interview he said ``There are two types of missionaries for me. The ones I like and the ones I trust... I like you`` then he paused for a bit... sO I thought he didnt trust me... but then he said ``And I trust you... But more importantly the Lord Trusts you`` When I realized that this was an answer to my prayers I almost cried... Now I just have to keep working to be worthy of that trust that they have for me... 

We did a lot better this week for me. We have been really focused in Recent Converts and Less actives. And not finding anyone new to teach, but now we are starting to get a mix of those two things. We found some families that really made my week. Teaching FAMILIES is the best thing that we can do.... It is the whole essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had 7 people at church this week... The Most I have had my whole mission here so far! It was such a great feeling. This week was stake conference. it was transmitted from Utah.. Elder Cook spoke. aNd some other authorities spoke too. some of them had one of the worst accents I have ever heard, but it was awesome to still feel the spirit that they had. It made me realize how much we do here because one person told a story how he baptized someone. Well this person was a pioneer of the church in Brazil... It was so awesome. It makes me want to find people even more now. 

Something else that happened this week made me so happy...  We had a returning member helpe us out with a lesson. It was such a good feeling. 

So some funny things that happened this week...

- I ate the menstral system of a cow this week....

- We were trapped by a group of really angry cows.(Cows here dont moo, THEY SCREAM)

- We were almost assaulted and robbed, but we ran as fast as we could and escaped. They did rob a member that we are working with though :(

- There is a song that is played here nonstop that says ``Um homem não chorar`` which means a man doesnt cry. ITs funnny and is stuck in my head. 

Well people are telling me that my portuguese is really good for only 3 months here. I am working every day to get better, but I really want to learn other languages already. I think the first one that I will work on is spanish because it is so close. 

This week was full of good things... I felt a lot better about everything. Tomorrow willl be the Mission Conference for Christmas. So this next week will be good too.

Te Amo Demais. Obrigado Por todos seus Orações e por teu amor. Eu Sinto Tudo. 

tchau tchau
Até Mais 

Elder Hamrick

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's prohibited to put trash here, please. HAHA, so much trash! 

Chokito, an awesome dog

Chillin on p-day

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