Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weird Week... Good End

June 29, 2015

So this week was a little weird. I feel like I got like nothing done during the week...We started off by going to the dentist to get some cavaties filled... it was super cheap here... dont know how good the quality was... but its all done with now... 

Then the next day we had a normal study day which is pretty rare for us in our area haha.. but then we had a pretty normal day except that we had to go back to the dentist because my companion was having some problems with his teeth still so we went to get that all fixed so it didnt make any more problems during the rest of the week... We got there just for her to say that it was normal haha.. 

( The Dentist) 

Then we had a pretty cool district meeting where we made some french toast for everyone! it was Elder Seawells idea which is one of our district leaders... It was super cool.. and it was good to eat something american for once in a long time... It took a little while but it was totally worth it.. I will send some pictures dont worry. Also we are doing english class.. This week was super interesting.. because like 40 people showed up and like 25 of them were kids... And guess who taught the kids class... I DID... it was super hard and stressful. But I think it will turn into a great finding tool.

(The Zone French Toast)

It is awesome because this ward is always wanting to help.. We did splits with some of the members.. It is awesome because it makes things a little different and it also makes the weeks past by pretty dang fast haha... We get quite a bit done. We ended this week with a bunch of people taht we are teaching.. Now we just need to help them out and get to work... 

Then We did a division with elder Seawell and elder Barbosa.. Elder Barbosa just got here.. He is a great missionary.. Its cool because I get to know the people in the zone a lot better now.. I dont lnow how much of a difference I am making.. But we ended up having 3 baptisms this weekend... I love this family.. They are just super awesome I will send some photos too.. 

Saturday was a day full of walking from one end of our zone to the other.. Its funny to think that I had a car like a year and a half ago... SO that would be nice to have... But I have a lot of fat to burn ( NOT ) hahaha... 

Then we had baptisms... And it made me super happy. President Fusco and his wife ended up giving talks at our sacrament meeting the same day.. To see the hapiness on their faces.. and the people that were baptized.. That is why I am out here.. 

(Fernanda, Conceição, Gabriela, and Erica)

Food at the baptism 

I love you all.. Hope you are all doiung well.. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. :)

Elder Hamrick

The view from our house... Looks pretty cool
A spider at the church 
Brazilian barbeque 
Opening a crouton 

If they were to call me to Samoa or tonga is still be ready! "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"

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