Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How we work... Not how much

June 22, 2015

So ever since I got to this area I was super worried about working super hard and working a lot because in my last area that worked super well and things in that area are just getting better.. But I forgot that I passed like 5 weeks of working super hard without getting basically anything done... And I feel like I have been doing the same thing here.. 

Monday we changed our way to think about what we are doing here... We stopped and relaxed... We worked for The Savior... And with our desires... not of our leaders... We found 9 new people to teach in like an hour and a half... We taught with the spirit... I felt so good.. I was actually happy for the first time in a long time since I have been here in this area... 

Then tuesday we had a district meeting that we just read a good conference talk and talked about how we can apply it into our areas... It was pretty dang cool.  Also I had a division with Elder Albino again... We had a lot of fun together. Hes a super good elder and really thinks about how the gospel is going to help these people in the future.. We always have to have an eternal perspective.. THen we had this music clas.. This guy didnt know how to sing but was telling us all how to sing.. When I sung he acted like it was nothing and told me everything I did wrong.. It was pretty funny.. But I hope things go well for him. 

Good quote from the Music Man

"You pile up enough tomorrows, and youll find youve collected a lot of empty yesterdays"
-Harold Hill

THe rest of the week we were just working well... Inviting everyone to get closer to the Savior.. .And 4 baptisms came out of nowhere that will happen next week.. With this family that I absolutely love... THen we had a cool division with our ward mission leader and theyoung mens president.. They are awesome.. I need to take a lot more pictures with them... They are the best.

THis week was just a lot better. I am feeling better, but I have a lot more to fix than what I am doing right.. SO here we go.. this quote has always stuck with me ever since my last mission. 


I have changed a lot... I dont know how well it shows in emails.. But i feel different.. But I still have a heck of a lot better and farther to go.. THIngs will get better... everything we do can be done through Jesus Christ. 

I love you all.. Hope everyone is doing well.. Time is flying fast, but At least I am co-pilots with the Savior. 

Com amor te amo muito meus queridos. 

Èlder Hamrick

My shoes are starting to get a little warn out from walking up and down these hills!! 
weird drink thing that they have here.. cevada... Its like coffee They all say... but i dont like it that much... but I am still losing weight haha.. i weigh like 150 now

this is a awful picture.. But its all i got haha... Bishop far far left
CHURRASCO with bishop
Awesome albino rabbit with awesome family

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