Monday, June 1, 2015

What is Normal

May 25, 2015

Well I officially dont remember what it is like to be a normal missionary without a bunch of responsibities. Although I am sort of getting used to carrying a box full of 40 Book of Mormons across the city every monday haha. 

It seems like something comes up every single day. There isnt much of a chance to have just a normal day. On tuesday we had a meeting with president fusco. We stayed there for a while then We had a division with some of the elders in our zone. So I spent the day in his area for a day. Its cool getting to know the zone better. My love for them is for sure growing. 

This week we also had a peruvian lunch which was pretty dang good. We had this avacado salad which is like guacamole... They dont have that here.. They also dont have tortillas or tortilla chips. I miss "aMerican Food``. Food is so good haha,. 

Every day that we think we will have a normal day something comes up. This week we got the opportunity to help the sisters move to another house. It was fun, But it helped me remember how hot it is here in Fortaleza hahah. 

Then we had another exchange with the Assistants. It was cool; I got to be with Elder Molina. He was my zone leader in MAracana├║. He is super awesome and we are pretty good friends. So it was good to work with him again. 


Thanks! now I have a few more sweet ties. (I am wearing one right now)

WE had a super awesome  family night after church last night. We played some games and everyone was just laughing and being super happy .

opening an area is still hard.. but things are picking up slowly. We finally got some people that came to church with us after 2 weeks of no one. 

I LOVE THIS WARD! they are all super focused on missionary work. They have us in mind always. 

this mission is focusing on love. I am trying my best to love EVERYONE even when i dont get along too well with them. 

WE always have a chance to become more like Christ. 

I love you all and feel your prayers. God loves us.

Elder Hamrick