Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Humble Heart

Welcome to Ceara

June 15, 2015

Well I am for sure ready and willing with a humble heart... We have had a lot of things happen this week but we havent been as busy as last week. 

So something that always happens is I get in a weird mood in like all of my areas... Because I cant feel the reason that I need to be there... I have been here for about a month and a half and I still dont feel why I need to be here. I have been praying every single day about it.. SO I will get an answer I am just waiting with a humble heart. 

There really wasnt anything all too exciting.. .Well we had one experience that I cant really go into many details that has made us learn a lot this week.. We are thinking a lot about how we are actually doing here.. And how we can do better.. 

We are teaching this family where there are some recent converts.. And the family is huge. Yesterday we had a ward conference.. Usually we have about 60 people in total at church. At this conference there was 100 something.. That family brought like 8 people.. That was pretty awesome.. We have some pretty awesome people that are getting ready for baptism... But they want to wait for a little while... Things will work out. WE do our part and God takes care of the miracles.. We are men.. We cant do miracles... Its only God.. 

This whole week was honestly a blur... Noting too different happened and w dont have a whole lot planned that will be too different either... But I know when we get down its only because we have so much higher that we need to go... God loves us.. We just need to look for it.. I want you all to know that.. .He LOVES EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU... Talk to him... 

Sorry I dont have too much to talk about this week...

Love you all. 

Elder HAmrick

We made real hamburgers, they don't have these here. 

Açai... Super good :)


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