Monday, June 1, 2015

This Is the Work of the Lord

June 1, 2015

SO this week was like the busiest week ever for us. We didnt have like one day to have a normal day hahah. 

We started off the week with a district meeting. Then I did a division with Elder Matheson. Which was super awesome because Him and I served in the same ward in my first area. So we already know eachother super well. It was great to be with him again. We had a super good time. We went out with some members and we also saw some super sweet turtles (Pictures to come in the future). The day passed by super fast. 

So in my last area I got pretty used to just working by myself with my companion... But we were still doing well... We started off at the beginning here doing the same thing. Well we really didnt have much of another option. because we didnt know anyone.. But that really didnt work out... So this week we left a lot with the members. It made things so much better. It is them that are going to stay not us... So they need to be the support for the people who are coming to learn more about the church and everything. 

I love noting the tender mercies that happen when you are a missionary. I stopped doing it for a while to be honest... But one day we had one that was just too big to go unnoticed. We were visiting this man who was in this apartment complex... When we finished talking to him we went to leave and we were locked in... So instead of going back to talk to him to open the door... We went to the first door that was open that we saw... And it was a member! and what did the member do? he instantly said lets go see a friend... That was probably the first time in a while that I felt the spirit so strong. I KNOW that we were there for a reason... The Lord needed us to be there to talk to him. It is crazy that the littlest details can literally mean the world to someone... So crazy. God trusts us so much. 

Then we had an interesting day where we all did weekly planning together as a Zone. I gave them all Reisens (Thanks mom.. They loved them :) )

Then we had a surprise that two elders in our zone were transferred and they had a baptism that was going to be happening there that week.. And no other elders were going to go there in their place. So we had to go there and get all things figured out... She ended up getting baptized.. The Lord worked a miracle there... 

The biggest miracle that happened this week was that we had a baptism! 

So we had a ward activity this week that we made up... There were a bunch of people there. There was this girl who was super ready to be baptized but didnt want to. Then Bishop talked with her... she ended up deciding to be baptized. She has recieved so many answers. I am so grateful to be a part of this miracle that happened... We are really working hard with the Bishopric in this ward.. We are almost always with them.. In the bishops office and everything. We are going to do some good work here. 

I am happy. There are things that happen during the week that are hard.. But to think back it was all worth it. God Is Good... God is Great. 

:) Love you all.. 

Hope you all have a super awesome week. 

Tchau Tchau. Te AMO!

Èlder Hamrick

this was Livia who was baptized this week.. It was a miracle

The turtles

Divisions with Elder Matheson



True love... Haha!

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