Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Thought Other Weeks Were Busy

June 8, 2015

I am just going to start off by saying I dont really have much to say about this week. It was super super busy and we still didnt get a whole lot of good things done. So on tuesday we had a mission council and we set up the new mission standards of excelence.. There was a lot of super good things discussed that have been on my mind for quite a while.. So after that day we got back into our area at like 5 and ate lunch at 5.. then while we were eating we got a call and found out we got to go back and do it alll again haha. So another day traveling to another stake to do the same thing.. A lot of things changed.. but it made things better in the mission I think.. I am excited to see how it goes... 

Then we had weekly planning that was actually like one of our first days to actually get to work at the normal time.. except that day we really didnt get too much done.. But the next day we had  azone conference and explained everything that was talked about at the council.. ( I dont know how to spelll that in english anymore) SO that was super cool... And we had also planned a split with 2 members.. Except one fell through.. And I came down with a fever.. 

I have a testimony that as missionaries the Lord truly does give us more strength than we really have.. I was dead.. Walking around and teaching still.. I stayed sick until now.. now I am a lot better but still a little sick.. We will see what happens haha.. 

Saturday was super crazy as well.. We had to run around and do a bunch of interviews.. But Something I started doing is literally inviting everyone I saw to come to church.. We really never know who will or wont go to churhc.. especially here.. Everyone says they will but like 90% wont go... So I just decided to invite everyon.. who knows one day it will all work out.. 

This week was super busy and we had transfers today too.. I am staying but like half of the zone is changing... So that will be interesting. 

I love you all.. 
It is weird how long I have really been out on my mission.. It doesnt quite feel real.. 



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