Monday, July 20, 2015

When the Going Gets Rough, Get Going

July 6, 2015

THis week was full of challenges, but in the end we all survived haha. So we just had a bunch of things come up this week that made things a little bit harder.. >But I knew the work was never going to be easy haha. 

The beginning of the week was pretty great... we got to talk to quite a few people and we got to follow up with most of our investigators... It is crazy to see the difference in the people who were baptized. Last weeks baptisms just continue to be happier and happier. THE GOSPEL BRINGS HAPPINESS. That is what keeps me going through the hard times :)

the rest of the week was pretty hard for us to follow up with everyone. We went to one of our investigators who is a cop.. Out of nowhere He gave us a bunch of food.. I will send a picture of it... its pretty great... 

On Thursday we had a training all the way at the Fortaleza East stake... SO we didnt really get to work in our area that day.. 

The next day was weekly planning as a zone.. ANd that took quite a bit because the mission is really focusing on the importance of planning.. So things are getting better in the mission. 

THen it was already saturday.. We were running around crazy to do all the interviews with our zone (because we are missing a district leader) And trying to prepare our baptisms as well.. The day was super crazy... AND IT WAS 4th of july... Nothing happened here... haha and both of our baptisms fell through... One of the people dissapeared and the other got scared and gave up..but she will still be baptized soon.... 

(Fourth of July)

Sunday we went to do more interviews and got soaking wet in a crazy rain... IT WAS A CRAZY CRAZY WEEK... But this next week should be good. 

I am looking forward to it... 

Love you all.. Sorry I ddint have much to write today... 

Elder Hamrick

It was raining 

Some weird holiday where they just make  barbecue piles in the middle of the road

I liked this cow

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