Tuesday, July 21, 2015

God Answers Prayers

(The view from our 5 story apartment! It's a sweet place)

July 20, 2015

So recently I have just kind of been having a hard time in my area. I didnt know  what else to do.. I was trying everything and it just didnt seem to be going right... Well I was praying a lot and even fasting to find an answer... Looks like I found my answer... I was transferred... I am now a Zone Leader in the Castelão Zone... Where I just was like 3 months ago... So I am pretty super pumped right now.. 

The only thing that is a little difficult is that I am opening an area for the 3rd time in a row... I was talking with the assistant when I got transferred... He said yep youre opening an area again.. Thats what you get for being good at it.. 

But Honestly I am more than excited. I am now companions with Elder Padilla... He is super awesome and we have a whole lot in common... Like a lot... We both play guitar, Trumpet, Sing, Blonde Hair, Almost the same height... I am pumped.. We get a long really well.. 

{Elder Padilla and I (His name sounds hispanic...

it is really interesting to see the pattern of what happens when you open an area.. The first month is usually pretty hard because you are basically starting from scratch. but it makes the time fly because you work like none other to get it done.. But thats about it.. I am excited also to be close to elder Sampaio again... Hes still in the same ward.. Things are about to get awesome here... It seems like I ahve such little time left... I have to make it last. SO LETS GO AND DO IT.

Elder Hamrick

Saying goodbye to Tamandaré

my last baptisms in Tamandaré I am going to miss this family..

That's some good meat (horse)

Just kidding!! 

I think these are done! 

This is what you get when I get bored waiting for others. 

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