Monday, September 14, 2015

The Journey

September 1, 2015

Well Sorry I havent been able to send you guys any emails.... Yesterday got a little crazy and I wasnt able to send any emails.. I am going to be super short with you guys and You all can respond if you want more details. 

What Happened this week

It was Elder Quintanillas birthday and we made a cake and ate pizza

We had A Zone meeting that was pretty interesting

We were teaching this lesson and this man recieved an answer right in front of our faces.. He needed to know if the things we were teaching were true so He was just flipping through the Book of Mormon and he opened up to this verse. Alma 5:12... It was amazing to see. Now it is just up to him to act on his answer that he clearly recieved. 

So we ended up having a crazy trip this last week... We went to a City called Juazeiro. If you look it up on the map it is way far away. All of the Zone Leaders went to a special meeting.. It was a 12 hour bus ride to get there.. Then we had 2 meetings with President Anderson. 

It was super special.. Super awesome.. I feel honored to be a part of the meeting.. Then we went and worked in Juazeiro.. It is super hot there... But we went crazy and talked to everyone that we could.. it was fun.. But it was tiring... 

Then we got back and worked a bit. 

then we had this cool meeting with our Stake Presidency... 

I am starting to love this ward.. .The members are awesome.. but I Have some other news.. 

I GOT TRANSFERRED.... I am now in a ward called Alvorado... And I am now an Assistant to the Mission President.. 

There are 4 assistants now... We are going crazy and things are way different now.. So It will be different when I will be able to respond.. Since we dont have much time I will be able to respond randomly. 

I feel super honored.. I really dont know what to think.. But I will Trust in the Lord and through him my weaknesses will be made strong. 

Love you all ,

Elder Hamrick

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