Monday, September 14, 2015

Great Week in the Work of the Lord

August 17, 2015

So this week really was a great week.. We had quite a few pretty cool experiences.. One of them just being a lot of good hard work and getting some good stuff done in our area... I am still getting to know the area, but things are going better and better it seems like. Thank you for all of your prayers for me. it makes a difference.. 

This week I focused a lot on prayer in my studies.. I have realized that My prayers havent been as good as they could have been. We always need to make our prayers go in line with the desires of the Lord. If we pray sincerely for what we want, and it isnt what God wants for us.. Of course we will be discouraged.. that seemed to be my problem... So i am working a lot on this recently... It has made me realize that there truly are always little miracles every single day.. And if we dont take the initiative to make them happen.... they wont happen.. So thats what we need to do. 

We had a great day this week.. Usually when I am fasting here in Brazil it is hard for me.. but this time when i fasted I fasted to have a focus on the work and not even think about myself in any situation... It worked out a lot better.. I felt so happy and I felt the spirit the whole day even going into the next day.. Going about doing good :)

I dont really have a whole lot more to say about this week. We finally got some of our investigators to make it to church to see the blessings that God has for them.. They all loved it! Any of you if you have not made a visit to see the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.. I would highly suggest it... 

So today we went around to somewhere we usually dont go... And when we got back our house was a mess... Someone broke into our house.. So that was a fun surprise to a long day haha... 

Love you all.. Keep it real for me in the US.

Elder Parker Hamrick


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