Monday, September 14, 2015

Fly By


September 7, 2015

Well now that things have changed quite  abit for me on my mission.. The time is REALLY flying by now.. I just got a second to stop and think about it and I realize I only have like 4 months left of my mission.. i dont even understand that.. But Its true and I am not going to waste any of the time that I have left.. Well there really is no way that I can waste it now that I am here.. Super busy

So what happened this week.

We had a group of missionaries leaving.. So we had to organize everything with them going to the airport and stuff.. This isnt including the huge trasnfer that we also had to organize; And also there was a new group of missionaries coming into the mission. So we were at the airport for quite a while on tuesday. Especially because there were quite a few confusions that happened there..  But it eventually all worked out. The next few days we were giving a training to the new missionaries.. It was super cool. I love seeing the fire of the new missionaries when they get into the field.. it brings back some good memories.. I love the mission.. But ya so we did that until lik thursday night.. 

I saw Hunter Bishop from home.. .Going home.. And I saw Elder Anderson from Washington.. They are going home. It was cool to see them!)

We started to only get a full day of work on saturday.. 

we were looking for a miracle.. We were looking for someone that could be baptized this week. SO we left on Saturday just searching for them the whole time. And we ended up having a miracle happen. 

We went to the Recent Convert ( who I just happened to know because I was at her baptism a while back) We talked with her cousin asked her if she wanted to be baptized.. She said yes... we taught her the rest of what she needed to know then interviewed her and she ended up getting baptized on sunday.. It was super great.. The Lord really does work miracles with us.. It is crazy. We had the faith.. I dont know if we deserved it, but we recieved the blessings.. I love this work. Its a work of miracles.

(Nicole's baptism)

I love the fact that there are 4 Assistants.. Like I love it. 

There is: 

Elder Molina: An Elder from Honduras.. He has already studied at BYU and speaks fluent english. he was my favorite Zone Leader that Ive had.. I was always hoping that one day we would be companions. Well we are going to be companions.. he is going to be the one that will stay as an assistant with me when the other two go home. 

Elder Austad: He is an Elder who has moved all over the place but currently lives in Montana.. I got here to BRasil with him.. We have always been pretty good friends.. He was a crazy good Football player.. he served for almost a year in a mission in Ohio... He will be going home in about three weeks.. Hes awesome

Elder Hwang: He is an elder I didnt know super well.. We got to know eachother a while back.. He is from Chicago.. He is a cool guy and he is going to BYU as well.. He will be going home with Elder Austad.. Its super cool to be with all of them.

(Elder Hwang, Elder Molina, Elder Austad)

This week was full of adventures and the next week will be as well.. I look forward to the experiences that I am going to have.. Love you all so much.

Èlder Hamrick

The mission office and my home

Saying goodbye to Vaneza Ward

Trip to Juazerio

Service project

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