Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And I thought I only had to worry about water in Brazil

May 26, 2014

So to keep you guys still interested in the subject of this weeks letter I will explain to you what happened here. So on Friday they happened to tell all the people of Portland something pretty interesting. There was a high number of E. coli found in the water sources for everyone... So we were put on a boil notice. The mission
presidents wife called all of us and told us about it. She made sure to tell us how crucial it was that we didn't drink the water or put it anywhere it can go in our face. We had to boil everything! So ya she made sure to tell us that it could kill us. And if it didn't kill us we would wish we were dead... So ya that happened. Tons of things preparing me for Brazil every week haha. Luckily no one has gotten E. coli yet.

Keeping on the topic of Brazil I had to re do my FBI clearance... All over again. Haha it expired. So I had to redo all of that on Friday. It was quite... Fun... Haha it was really frustrating. I have been so
excited to get to Brazil. But I know that The Lord needs me right here for now. I also found out that the Houston and Chicago consolate stopped sending out visas for the time being... They have literally stopped sending them to Brazil... So I will be in the Vancouver Washington mission for quite a while.

I got a pedometer just to see how much I walk In a week. So here is the stats for this week!  26.82 miles  58127 steps

Awesome lunch with dan. We have an investigator named dan. He is way
cool. He's super smart. Well he took us to lunch this week. It was way
fun and we had great food. We also stopped by guitar center. His
choice by the way. It was a good day. Actually after that I was feeling super frustrated. Like a few days I'm a row I was like that. I don't know why. But I guess you get pushed down to be picked up higher. Because the day after that was pretty great.

We got a new investigator! She already basically believes everything that we believe. It is crazy. And awesome. She currently goes to an African American church, and she loves gospel music. She said she would join the church if she stopped singing hymns and sang gospel
music. It is really funny. She even already gave us a gospel music mix cd! It is way fun and cool to listen to. Music is just great.

I am on page 432 In The Book of Mormon now! I am almost done with it!
Just another week and a half and I should be done with it! It's cool
to read it twice through in succession like this.

I love service. We got to rip put a bunch of carpet this week it was
way fun. And they were listening to the music that I loved back when I
was home. Got love those tender mercies.

We had a crazy guy drive us home from the mission office. He went like
90 out of nowhere. He was crazy haha..

A cool story this week. I was walking
around tracting... And I saw
these two dudes skating it up. So I went up to them and said if I Ollie this four stair will you listen to what we have to say? So they said ya.  I Ollied the four stair with all of my Proselyting clothes on. But then I asked the kid if I could use his shoes..I didn't land it because i haven't skated in a while, but it was pretty fu.n I'll
send some pics and maybe a video. It was fun and we got to talk to
them and had a lesson with them after. We talked all about prophets
and how awesome the Book of Mormon. I figured I'd send you this
because it's personal and a not so normal thing to do as a missionary.
But I think I did it for the right reason.

Here's some pictures but this is it for the week. Also the E. coli
thing lasted a day. It was blown way out of proportion.

I love you all

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