Monday, May 19, 2014

Hmmm. What to write

April 28, 2014

Well this week was another one of those interesting ones where not much really happened.

P days sounds fun and all... But to be honest not the most fun for an un-athletic musician kid. Haha I basically just sit there and play guitar and sing and stuff. Gets me feelin like I was home. That's probably the thing I miss almost the most is just being able to call up a friend and sing and have a jam sesh with them. It's weird the things you miss on a mission.

The next day we basically spent the whole day working on johnnies
truck. My companion wants to be a mechanic so he really enjoyed that.
I knowing nothing about cars basically just watched as he helped. I was worthless there haha. Oh well I got to spend more time with Megan and johnnies my favorite people in the ward, and one of the newest members in it!

This week was honestly just kind of bleh. Not anything really noteworthy happened. A lot of to,e we just kind of tried by potentials, with no success whatsoever.

One potential that we have is practically impossible to meet up with.
He was a member and he got his records removed from the church. He is
ready to come back, but he needs to be retaught and rebaptized. He is
never at his apartment! What makes it even more ridiculous is that he
is blind! Who would have thought that a blind guy would never be home,
and is impossible to meet up with. He was even at church yesterday, we
set up an appointment for 4. He called us like 20-30 minutes before we came to make sure we were coming at that time. We went... And he wasn't home! It is so odd to us, we can't figure it out.

Transfer letters came this week! I am staying with my companion. Elder
Doyle, the big guy is leaving us! Noooo! He is super funny and awesome
to be around. He is going to the Tongan ward! I'm super jealous of that! That is going to be awesome. They basically pay you in that ward. It's pretty funny. Hopefully i get some opportunity to speak with some Polynesians while I, here.

Friday night there was a fundraiser for the young women! They had a
dinner and a dessert auction. You wouldn't believe how many desserts
there were... It was insane.... Haha and guess what. Since we are missionaries of course we need a whole lot of stuff.. Well we went home with 3 cakes a pie and two plates of cookies, that people just
bid on... Then gave it to us! Haha I really feel the love I'm this ward though! It is awesome!

To be honest nothing much spiritual happened, except for church of course.

Love you all,

Have an awesome day,

Elder hamrick

We basically found a jungle! 

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