Monday, May 19, 2014

This week in Gresham

May 12,2014

So yesterday we had Skype with the family! It was way awesome! I got
to see all my family! I enjoyed just simply talking with them. And of
course or made me miss them, but it gave me strength too. It made me
want to keep working even harder and harder, so when I do get home it
will be even better. Don't worry though I'm not even thinking about
being home. I've still got like 21 months :)

A funny story for this week. Elder burk the new one in the apartment
really likes to rope things like with a lasso. So while we were at dinner he tried it out on the members cat. Needless to say the car didn't enjoy that very much. It started spazzing out while jumping a couple feet up in the air. It was ridiculous. The cat made it away with the lasso still around its neck. Sitting In the corner trying to
get it off while we were just laughing a lot. Luckily the members didn't even notice what had happened. I got the cat to come back to me and subtly slid off the lasso. It was one of the funniest things that has happened so far hahaha.

Another funny story. We were out knocking doing our normal thing, and
this lady comes out before we could even get to the door, we were in the street still. Anyways she walks out yells at us points somewhere and says "NO SOLICITING" me and my companion looked where she
pointed... She was pointing at a brick.... Haha I was so tempted to yell back "that's a brick!" But I guess I should be nice I'm a missionary :P

So we continue to stop by a bunch of potentials with no luck
whatsoever, it is kind of a waste of time at this point. But you can never know if maybe that one time you try by they will be there waiting for you to teach them and give them the gospel. So we will
keep trying. I think the reason I feel like we aren't doing anything is because we aren't solidly teaching anyone. I kind of feel like I'm in between a good missionary, and just normal me. It's a weird feeling, not too sure how to explain it.

We finally met with the blind brother (hoodini) he is super excited
about the gospel and is ready to be baptized. We have taught him two
lessons already. He knows everything we teach is true. He was on date
for the 24th but he has to go to church two more times before he can
get baptized and he missed last week... Bummer. We actually had zero
investigators at church this week. It would have really bummed me out
but I knew I was skyping right after church.

We had a great zone meeting. The thing that stood out to me was to be
ME and not just another missionary out here. I am here for a reason. I
have a personality that is going to connect with someone while I am
out here. Who knows when it will happen, but I know that I am here and
not on Brazil for a reason. So we will see what comes next.

I have gotten pretty close with a couple of young families in the ward, they are just awesome. I love spending time with them.

The Portuguese class I go to basically takes up a big chunk of my day
when I go. This week for some reason I just keep getting all these feelings that I will be serving with ky. We have both had a dream that we were going to be serving together. That sounds a little cheesy but
I don't think that just happened randomly, especially for both of us. It is kind of like the feeling and the determination that I was going to be Landon's host, I had a feeling and it happened! God works in
some crazy ways sometimes so we will have to see what will happen with

I have been thinking a lot this week of how we as missionaries could
better introduce ourselves. No one really is going to talk to us if we go "hey we are missionaries, we are going around sharing a message centered on Jesus Christ" pretty much everyone says "oh I already know Jesus I am good see ya". I cannot seem to find a good way to introduce ourselves. That is something that is going to be on my mind for a

I had the privilege of teaching relief society on Sunday. I am actually very glad that I was able to so that though. I started to come out as a better teacher. It was a really cool and awesome
feeling. Words started naturally coming into my mouth. The lesson was
on the witnesses of the Book of Mormon. We can all truly be witnesses of the Book of Mormon. If we read it and know that it is true, why wouldn't we tell others, and share it around. That's something I never
did when I was home. I never really shared anything I knew. Sure everyone knew I was Mormon at school, but who really knew what I believed? Practically no one. Now that I am here that is all I want to do. Is to tell everyone all about everything that I have come to
learn. Prayer and scripture study is super crucial to all of this. Without it, it would practically be impossible.

Here is what my desk looks like!

Me and Elder archibald

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