Monday, June 2, 2014

I guess I have a lot to write?

June 2, 2014

So this week kind of went by really fast, and went by really slowly. I will still be amazed at how time works on a mission at the end of my mission. It doesn't really make sense at all to me haha. Anyways it
was another pretty slow week. Not a whole lot of lessons... And just lots of trying to find people. Not much is really happening with our teaching pool right now.

Last p day was way fun! We went on a hike to the top of multnomah falls. It was so pretty. I just love nature, and it gives me a chance to take some fun photos. I will send a lot this week so you can just
see a bunch rather than just a few. Anyways Taft palomo took us up
there. After we were done we all went back to the palomos and just hung out there the rear of the day. It was a lot of fun (there should be some pictures on Facebook of what we did)

On Tuesday nights we play volleyball with the elders quorum to get some of the less actives to enjoy spending time with their quorum.
It's really sad to say this, but I kind of suck at volleyball now. Not really sure what it is. It's really sad actually. I feel dumb playing
it now. Hopefully I will get better.

This week I have been trying to get a lot of lessons on Facebook and
Skype. And it is actually working out really well. I had a great Skype
lesson with a  friend from back home, and we should be doing another
one sometime in the near future. I am so thankful for the chance to be
able to do that. Maybe that's why I am still here in the us. To teach
friends from back home through Facebook. I'm always going to be
looking for reasons why I am here, it is just a cool thing to see.

Someone died in the mission this week. I didn't know her, she had some
tooth infection that led to sickness which killed her. That's so weird. You never know what's going to happen I guess. It's sad, but I know she is so much happier now. Dying in the service of The Lord is probably a great feeling. I would think.

We talked to this guy who was a newspaper man, he seemed really
interested and told us to come back to the place where we talked to
him at. Well when we went there he wasn't there. But this place was
super sketchy. We walked to the front of the building, and it was completely abandoned. Absolutely nothing inside it. So we went back to his jeep which was from like the 1970's and and on the side of the building,  it was backed into the doors. Well we knocked on those
doors and nothing happened except this mangy little dog barking from a
pile of clothes inside his jeep. He was in a cage. Or kept getting more and more sketchy as time went by haha. Then out of nowhere a huge semi backed into the loading dock of the abandoned building. I have no clue what they could be loading or unloading for a building like that.
The guy got out and ran to the back to some weird back door. It was
sketchy, we haven't been back since.

I am always trying to find better ways to start to talk to people. So
we will see if I succeed or not. I am tired of looking like a robot and seeming like a robot to people who drive by or even talk to us. I am continuing to try to be like myself and not just some missionary. A
former member walked up to us and gave us $15. It was so random, but
greatly appreciated. When you see the missionaries, show them love,
and your appreciation. It means a lot. We may not be making a difference with the people we are teaching but we can hope we are making a difference in the ward with the members.

Speaking of new ways to talk to people. Last night we tried bringing
the guitar with us to talk to people. You would be amazed at how well
or worked. We were just walking from the apartment to the palomos. And
one of our investigators stopped us! She told us to come back to the
apartment and play and sing her a song. So we did. Her husband just
barely got back from the hospital and she needed help with him too.
She had even been thinking and praying of us before this happened, and
God placed us right in each others paths. As we were doing that a man
came by and told me to stop and "play a tune" so I did. He is a musician. He said that I had a really awesome voice and he liked it. He also told me that I was pretty talented. We will be meeting with
him sometime soon this week so he can teach me some guitar skills and
we can jam. Then I can teach him some gospel skills. We went back into
our investigators apartment and sang her and her husband a song, they
loved it. But she told me something that made me feel something I will
never forget. She told me to sing with confidence that what I will be
singing is going to help bring out what message and feeling God would
have me. She said that I should sing out and I will be used for that
talent to help people. She was super adamant about it. It made me feel
great. Every person that we talked to the rest of the night actually
enjoyed talking to us. It felt good. Maybe we will have to do that more :) I wouldn't mind.

We went and did some service for this Haitian family! They had so much
stuff.. It was crazy. I have no clue how we did it but we organized his garage! We had to deal with mouses again. It was... Fun. He was awesome though, he was 75 has 15 kids with the youngest one being 3... And another on the way... It is so weird haha... But it was enjoyable
then they gave us some Haitian food! Soooooper good. Then we did some
more service. I found out that I am a pretty dang good hedge trimmer.
I made to spheres and an umbrella out of a bushes. It was pretty fun
and enjoyable. All of this was on exchanges with the zone leader.
Afterwards we went trying to find people. Well we went to a place
where there was no houses, but it was beautiful. I enjoyed it.

I finished the Book of Mormon again! I am so glad. It has given me so
much power for the work that I am doing. I have no doubt that it is
true, I have no clue why I didn't read it much before my mission, but
I regret it, I know that it would have helped me out so much.

I love the movie ephraims rescue! We watched it with a less active
member! It is so empowering and I absolutely love it. I want to watch
it again and again. It was super sweet.

We talked to a crazy homeless former member girl... All she talked
about devil worshipers.  She thinks that the whole government is devil
worshipers especially the bush family, she also thinks that Katy perry
is one too. Also she thinks that the government is controlling the
Yellowstone stuff.. She thinks they will kill us all soon. It was weird. Then this guy was just singing super loud, so of course we had to talk to him! He was awesome haha. Gave us some advice for finding
our lovers.

Speaking of lovers... One of the yw likes me here... Not sure who but
it's one of them... Just love it when I attract 14 year old girls... Haha it must be the hair ;)

Me and brother Paloma wrote a song last night, and we might be
rerecording it and maybe putting it somewhere... I don't know though.
Anyways. Next week should be good. Who knows you can't really ever
tell as a missionary. Just gotta keep doing the work, and keep trying

Love you, I really do miss you.

Elder Hamrick

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