Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Lord Will Work Through Us

April 27, 2015

So the name of this email is this because this work has nothing to do with my capabilities. I know for a fact that I could not have made it to where I am without the Help of the Savior. It is truly amazing... 

So we might be having a transfer either today or tomorrow or something... I hope that I get to stay here. I absolutely love it in this area. We are doing so well, and I have been super happy latelly. But I think that I will be going to another area sometime soon. I had exchanges with The Ap´s this week. President told them to go on one with me to see if I am ready to be more of a leader... So we will what happens... AT the end the Assistant said now we know that we can trust you WHENEVER we need you to lead... So who knows... we will see. 

This week a lot of members of the ward found my YouTube.. It is kind of crazy that I had that... I focused so much on that.. And now I cant even do anything related to it... But trust me I will do a lot when I get back :) I am already dreaming of ideas... Thinking of things I can do... I just hope that I can do some good stuff.. 

THis week was really full of craziness. We only had like 2 normal days to work in our area... So We were crazy running around catching buses. And doing interviews.. One day too it rained literally all day until like 6 pm... and my companion is sick so it was hard for himn to go out in the rain.. super hard... haha

although this week was super stressful and busy... We were able to find some pretty awesome families! we are getting ready to marry a whole bunch of people. 

I had one lesson this week that completley stood out to me... I felt the spirit so strong... I almost cried... He was truly searching... Then the next day he said that He cant leave his church.. I dont lnow what happened. But I know that he at least felt a little part of what I felt... He will remmber.. 

There was this Iguana that these guys caught close to our house.. they were all going crazy.. Running after it and looking at it.. haha but then this drunk guy ran and grabbed it by the tail and chucked it into the forest! It was super funny.. I caught a little bit of it on video.. you will have to see it when I get back.. 

We had to empty the whole baptismal font again with buckets... It tookj a super long time this time... Super full.. Super dirty... But the end of the day it went well... She was baptized!

Sundays generally seem to be the most stressful day of the week for me... SO MUCH TO DO... but it is good. 

I never believed that I was much of a leader... But this week I was able to feel that I somehow am turning more of a leader every day.. The Lord is Working Through Me.

I love you all.. This week was stressful but someone was baptized... The joy it brings is hard to explain... I am happy.. We will see what exciting things happen the next time we talk. 

Elder Hamrick

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