Monday, April 13, 2015

It Was a Normal Week

This is my District. Sister Valdez, Sister L. Santos, Elder Amaral, Elder Foland, Elder Munson, Elder Gomes, Me, and Elder Sampaio

April 13, 2015

So this week was honestly just a pretty normal week. NOthing too exciting happened at all, but I will still try to go into a few details of the week 

So this week we started working in this part of our area that we havent ever worked in before. Everyone says that it is sketchy there. As of yet we havent seen much of this sketchiness. Just a bunch of people who accepted everything that we said. Thats the problem though. They all accept it but they dont really want to.. We had more than 15 people say that they were going to go to church with us... Of these 15.... 0 went to church with us. 

It is really sad to see that the enemy is working hard with the people we are trying to teach. Right when we were teaching a super good lesson about to invite everyone to be baptized. A HUGE group of people decided to knock on the door at that exact moment and we had to end the lesson. IT is super annoying, but I know that This Church is true because of all the persecution. 

We are for sure walking a lot here in this area. MY shoes are starting to get worn down a little bit. As long is it doesnt rain... I will be good.. Well it rained this morning haha... Not too cool. 

We sweat a lot here... Like always... 

I got a valentines present! in April!

WE had another baptism this week! It is just so great to see baptisms happeninguu heure. 

I am happy.. tired... But happy :)

Love you all, 

Elder Hamrick

this crazy animal in the front of our house... it had really big sharp teeth haha... And they said it was a small one... 

Baptism of Fabrício

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