Monday, April 13, 2015

Firm, Clear, Courageous

April 6, 2015

So this week was a pretty different one... It started off out of the normal. We started with a district meeting then We went on exchanges. It is always super weird going on exchanges in an area where you dont really know anything about, or where everything is strange. 

So we were going to stay the night in their area and go to the bank the next day to get our money, well out of nowhere the assistants called and said that we were going to have interviews with President Fusco the next day... Well We happened to have to have suits... We werent at our house, and we never have our suits with us. Well luckily at their house they had a bunch of extra suit coats... ITs just that none of them were the right colors for us... I will send a picture of how it went. 

(Super classy, but you gotta do what you gotta do)

The interview was super chill. just like it was in WAshington.. ''do you need anything?'' nope... Alright well keep up the work then. But he did say the three words of the title of the email which really stuck out to me.. These three adjectives are crucial for the work of a missionary. 

Then we had something that never has happened with me before.. We had two baptisms at 9 AM.... Super weird. But a GREAT start to the day. We had to walk a ton this day... I dont know how much we walk here still, all I know that it is a heck of a lot more than I walked before haha... AND EVERY SINGLE DAY... 

Then friday was a holiday.. HEre in Ceara everyone decides to drink on holidays... So it was a little difficult to be able to talk to anyone seriously about the gospel, well we did our best, but it still wasnt the best day. 

Saturday was Conference! I seriously love General Conference. EVerything about it is just so good... The first session I watched in Portuguese, but then we were able to get the rest in english... It brings back so many memories watching in english... It was great.

Sunday was such a stressful day for me... We had to wake up at 5 in the morning to be able to watch the Priesthood session. It was super good too, so it was worth the tiredness.. But then we came back and had lunch and then back to the stake center for conferemce. There were not very many people at the first session so we had to go and try to get some other people to come to the second one.. IT was a huge rush, but it was good. 

(General Conference with some of the Elders in the Elders Quorom... And Artur hahaha)

EAster is a hard day... Well really all holidays on the mission are pretty dang sad... It doesnt feel like a holiday at all.. 

This week was super busy and we didnt get to work as much as I would have liked to, but theres always this week. :)

Love you all so much, thank you for all you do.. When you see a missionary... Do whatever you can to make him or her feel better and more at home 

Elder Hamrick

This picture brings me happiness... What an awesome Baptism :)

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