Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Andando Na Rua Olhando Pra Eternidade

April 20, 2015

"Walking down the road looking at eternity"

This was a phrase that President Fusco Said on Tuesday this week. We had a mission conference And I think this phrase will stick with me for quite a long time. It is so important that We keep our minds focused on the things that truly matter, and the way things can turn out eternally. This is something super important as a missionary. You never know who could be interested. So we just have to look at them like they are all already members and have gone through the temple. I am still working hard on getting better at this. 

at the mission conference we were able to watch MEET THE MORMONS... That movie really hit things home for me. Who knows what these people I am trying to help will turn into.. They could be the means of blessing so many people... But they dont have any way to do that without me first doing my part... I will be thinking a lot more eternally now about the mission.

So something interesting about this area is that the hours of like 1-3 in the afternoon is like super dead. Everyone is sleeping, not home, or just dont want to talk.. It also happens to be the hottest hours of the day.. And We are basically just walking down the road with the heat... Needless to say that is one thing that i will not be missing haha

this week someone got killed in our area.... Something super weird here is that everyone goes running towards the crime scene... like literally running even people from different neighborhoods want to see the dead guy... Woohoo.. haha

I GOT A PACKAGE! packages are the best.. Thanks mom :)

This week i got sick one day... We didnt work as much as I would have liked to... And then the next day my companion got sick... So we didnt work a whole lot that day too..

But surprisingly the area is still doing really well... We had another baptism this week and it was a baptism we had to work for haha... The baptismal font was half way full and with a lot of sand and the pump wasnt working... So we had to empty it and clean it with buckets... I didnt get a whole lot out of the classes at church this sunday.. But everything went right he was baptized. 

We are working hard... Finding new people every single day.. 

today we practiced in a whole mission choir.... We will be getting a visit from Elder Christofferson of the quorom of the 12 next week.. We will sing for him.. We are going to need a lot of the spirit for it to turn out super beautifully haha.. 

This week was good. Times still flying by. Hope this was a great week. Feel free to send me anything that you want. I am aways willing to accept.


Elder Hamrick

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