Monday, September 29, 2014

Foi Uma Semana Interessante (IT was an interesting week)

September 29, 2014

This week in Maracanau! 
So this week started off pretty well. It is crazy how different things are here. All the work and how many new investigators you can find just in one day. Well anyways we found quite a bit on tuesday ( Tercafeira ) IT was pretty cool. There are so many fruits here so many that we dont have in the US at all. I had one called a Guaba. IT didnt like me... 

ANyways that night I was feeling pretty sick. Well the next day I was feeling even worse and I could barely sleep. TUrns out I needed to go to the hospital. So thats what we did the next day. We took like a 2 hour bus ride to Fortaleza to go to the hospital. My stomach has never heart so bad in my life haha. It literally felt like my stomach was eating my intestines or somethng like that. IT was not fun haha. SO for those few days that I was sick I basically fasted. I could literally tell you how many meals I had this week with one hand. Turns out I had an intestinal infection. SO i got on antibiotics, but the next day was not any better. I ate nothing, slept(tried) and layed down in bed. I felt like such a waste of a missionary. Dont worry I am all ok now and finally after like 5 days of basically nothing I am eating normal again. WOOOHOOO. you have no idea how happy i am about that. haha

The next day after I stayed in all day I decided it was a good idea to go out and do normal things again. SO my companion is a district leader so he has to do all the baptismal interviews. ITs not like it is in The US here. WE had to walk to each of their houses to do those. While I had not eaten or drank anything that day. I was walking myself dry haha. So when you make those jokes about not eating food and think of the starving children in africa. Well now you can make it much more personal. Think of a starving elder Hamrick. It was all good though (At least in theory) because we had a baptism that night! Well the punk never showed up! he was supposed to get baptized last week. Oh well as my companion says Isso Aconteceu (this happens)

SO I had a really bad morning on sunday. all I could think about was going back to washington and finishing my two years there. I thought it would be better use of my healt a nd a better use of my time. But then I realized its not MY health or MY time, but the Lords. Yes I am not as comfortable or used to the culture here, but that doesnt mean that I need to be somewhere where I am perfectly comfortable. I changed my outlook completely. 

I think that portuguese is starting to come along a lot better... maybe haha. I was basically talking to no one all week, but I am starting to think a lot more in portuguese.

So I will go into a couple weird but kind of cool cultural things here.
-for time they have military time... But dont use it. all the clocks and everything say like 18:20 but everyone calls it 6:20.
-BRazilian english is pretty awesome. THey dontreally know how to say much.
-MY companion always says this in english ´´WHy is this so hard... BEacause salvation was never cheap, salvation is never easy´´ IT is so funny
-THey always have juice here. 

IF any of you have any questions about what it is like here just ask me. 

I am starting to love it here already. I am sorry about last week and how frustrated I was. I always seem to forget the lesson I learned that an attitude really makes all the difference. I know that we have a good Brother to lean on. Jesus Christ Suffered through everything we did or will suffer through. IT doenst matter if we have trials that are large or small, hard or easy, AS long as we learn the lesson we need to learn. 

EU sei que isso e da evangelho de jesus cristo porque Eu sei que todas as qoizas que foi pregava na biblia e livro de mormon aconteceu hoje. JEsus Cristo E nosso Salvador. Se nos temos Fe nos podemos fazer todas as qoizes monstra para nos.



My View 

Lovely hospital Pic! I DIDNT FEEL GOOD,  OKAY? 

Me and my comp!! 

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