Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week Two Is Over

So Week two is done and over with. Haha It is kind of crazy that I have been here for 17 days already. It makes no sense, but it is so true. The days drag on and on and on, and the weeks go by so quickly.

My companion and I have had some really good lessons with each other though. He is basically fluent in Portuguese, and I am not at all. Most times he is the one that is speaking most of the time.. I kind of just sit there share something and listen to what they are saying. But the yesterday we taught a lesson that I almost spoke a majority of the time. It was a crazy experience that through the spirit how well someone can teach and speak. It was great. I loved it. We ended up teaching four lessons that day. It was so cool.

It is so weird how the time here is flying by so much. It is seriously crazy. I am sort of enjoying the time here, even though it is kind of busy. Sometimes it is truly overwhelming, and other times it is nice to just keep learning what we need to be learning. 

So on Sunday I had one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Kind of tying with the Cultural Celebration for the Kansas City Temple. I am in the MTC choir which consists of about 600 Missionaries. That alone is so powerful in and of itself. I love doing it. So it just so happened to be that President Hollands son was going to be the speaker for that devotional. It also just happened to be that it was his wifes birthday. SO GUESS WHO WAS THERE. It was an amazing devotional. It was all about Joseph Smith. He was such an amazing man. So while he was giving his talk he had a choir from UVU sing songs while he was speaking. In between certain thoughts. Such an awesome devotional. The choir was simply beautiful and amazing. They carried the spirit with them so heavily that I got chills and I am getting chills right now just thinking about it. The choir got to sing the Mac Walberg arrangement of Praise To The Man. Music has such power it is inspiring. It might have been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. 

Portuguese: Eu Sei que Deus Ama nos Moito. Ele demos moito experiencias para ajudamos. Eu sei com Fe E oracao nos receber respostas. Boa e Mal. Eu amo voce. tchau e paz.


Elder Parker Hamrick

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