Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week One Done

So week one Done and DONE! haha So the MTC is such a crazy, cool and everything type of place.

My companion Elder Neslon is from Traverse City Michigan. He is really good at portuguese so whenever we have a lesson he is doing most of the teaching, and I am just trying to understand the guy, and what my companion is trying to say. Portuguese is coming a long I guess you could say. I am not too good at it but it has only been about a week... It is crazy to think that I have only been gone a week, it feels like months. The days here are really really long. We have classes, personal study time, and language classes all day long. The only break we get is time for meals and 30 minutes before we go to bed. The other two in my district are pretty fun guys, for the most part pretty easy to get a long with. I LOVE my zone though. A few elders left our zone since I have been here, but I still miss them. There are so many awesome fun and loving people here at the MTC. The work is hard, but the people make up for it I guess. 

By the way 5 of the people in my zone got their Visas!!! 

We arent supposed to listen to music in our residence hall so I dont get much music at all.. Me and Elder Hofstetter just sing for hours whenever we get the chance. So that is basically my week... 

Tchau, Eu Amo Voce! (Bye, I Love You!)


Elder Parker Hamrick

Me and Elder Hofstetter

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