Monday, August 3, 2015

I Love the Chances we Get

Exchange with Elder Sampaio! This is super awesome they put a big picture up of their baptism :)

August 3, 2015

If you guys stop to think how much God truly loves you, you will be amazed... When we do stupid things, we dont do the best we can do... He still loves us and wants the bestfor us.. He wants us to be better than we were... he wants literally THE BEST for every single person on the earth... But that still leaves us to make our decisions... 

This last week started awesome.. I went on an exchange with Elder Sampaio in Jardim UniĆ£o! I went back to my second area! It was such a great day.. We worked so well together and we were happy. It was a great day full of miracles. Elder Sampaio is one of the hardest working missionaries here in this mission... And he is still keeping up with the baptisms... i would like to say I did something but really it was him that made me a better missionary and not the other way around. I am super grateful to have served with him there and now being his zone leader... I wish I could apply how I was working to all the missionaries in the zone... They would all be so much happier.. 

AFter that day the week just was kind of difficult.. We didnt get a lot of appointments in and like every single thing that we planned and had marked fell through.. We still did our best and by the end of the week we found some awesome families who I am super excited to teach.. Thats about all that happened this last week, 

I really wish I was better than I am right now.. I have so much to change and to get better... I just gotta keep going forward.. AFter 5 weeks of opening an area it gets better... So we are starting week 3... SO here we goooooo. 

I love you all so much.. But more importantly Your Heavenly Father loves you... A LOT... 

Thank you all for all that you do and all of your support.. 


Elder HAmrick

Exchange with Elder Sampaio! 

There is a big Y in our house! It's pretty sweet! 

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