Monday, February 2, 2015

Where to Next

February 2, 2015

Well this will be the last email that I send to you guys from Maracanaú. I will be transferred in a couple hours... I really dont know what will happen this week. I will be training in an area called Castelão .. in an area callled Jardim União Which basically means. Big castle. In a part called Unity Garden.. So this will be interesting. I heard that it is all favela... Oh ya and I will be training and getting doubled into an area again! woohoo! I am super humbled and sad to leave this area. Elder West and I were doing some great things... and the wedding I have been waiting for for like 2 months will happen in two weeks... and I wont be here... So that kind of stinks a lot. We have found a lot of awesome people, and I Dont even have a chance to say goodbye to anyone.. So people will just find out when I am gone... 

So something that I have noticed a lot recently is that little kids look at missionaries differently.... Its almost like they know us for who we are... Servants of the Lord. Or like they remember us... This one little girl everytime I go to give here a handshake she takes my hand and kisses it.. Haha she is like 1 1/2 It is super cute. Makes me miss my nieces and nephews.. but it is super interesting. 

GEtting a package from home or a letter really makes a huge difference. I dont really know how to explain it, but it makes me super happy, and a lot more loved. I got my Christmas Package from my parents this week. Its never too late for Christmas right?

( thanks for the package) 

The weeks go by super fast... This week I will have one year on my mission. On the 5th of February... How crazy is that? Sometimes I feel like I have been gone a short time, and other times it feels like 3 years... Haha we always have good and bad days right? Everything will work out. 

THis work really is something difficult. But I always think back to a talk given by Elder Holland. ``Salvation is not a cheap experience, Salvation was NEVER easy`` why should I think that it would be easy for me... It wont ever be, but I am never alone. 

So this week was our first english class.. It was a little bit interesting, but I think the next time will be a little better. But I wont be here... So that will be sad too haha... But all is well. Tudo Bem

Usually Church is a super stressful thing... But this was my favorite sunday yet... We got there and had 6 of our investigators there. DUring sacrament meeting João Pedro who was baptized a few weeks ago recieved the priesthood and he passed the sacrament... It was amazing to see. THen Vinicius who was baptized like 2 weeks ago got up and bore his testimony! it was amazing to see the gospel already acting in their lives. 

We also did a service project this week. The first one that I have ever done... It made me happy to do service again...

So I dont know what will happen between now and my next letter, but be ready to recieve some exciting things hopefully.


Elder Parker Hamrick
Rua Republica da Armenia, 765 Agua Fria
CEP. 60821-760

Feel free to write me at the address above

Thank you for all the support I have.

Elder Hamrick

Pretty sights here in Brazil

I like animals now! 

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