Monday, February 23, 2015

This Week Was a Mess

February 9, 2015

Sorry for the negative title, but how all of you know I dont like to sugar coat things that happen for me in the mission. I really dont know why I was transferred this week. The new missionaries wont get in until this week... So we got to the mission office and it was time to see what would happen. Well I was put with Elder Andrade... And we were to just stay in both of our areas and just switch around... then just let us go...

Well The thing is I didnt even know where our areas were.... They just told us to go. 

Saying goodbye to everyone in my last area was sad too... So that didnt really help. We finally found our house at about 9 at night... This house was the worst houses that I have seen missionaries live in... I would send pictures but I dont trust this compter with my memory card. So I will have to find another area sometime next week to send photos. 

The missionaries before were supposed to move before they left... But they didnt... SO we had to go do it just with us and one other member.. needless to say it was a little difficult...

The other house is a lot better, but It is also going to be called the batcave now... Because... it is full of bats... I really dont like bats hhaha... They poop all over everything... super cool huh?

we also had to get a lot of buses to get to our areas... So I lost a lot of money this week too... hahaha

We also didnt have pillows fans or anything this week to use to sleep with..sorry for the negativity. 

We went to elder Andrades area... He has a part that is super ghetto... its something called favela... One of the most dangerous parts in our mission... woohoo haha... My area has favela too but it isnt nearly as bad.

As we were there in his area we got commanded to leave... The first guy saw us marking down the name of the road and he flipped out... Told us to leave... Then went inside to go get something... needless to say we didnt stay long enough to find out what it was. Then another house we went to and it was awesome we taught a family.. But then this drunk guy started yelling at us... You have been here since 5 dont you have anything else to do? Then started yelling that he doenst need us he gets the word of God everyday. Then continued by literally punching himself in the head... He then yelled false prophets! like 50 times... ``TELL ME THAT YOU ARENT`` everyone was looking at us... It wasnt to cool haha... 

Elder Andrade and I started to write a song in portuguese... It is beautiful to sing.. I like singing in portuguese. Everyone in this area is super impressed by the way I speak.. So that is pretty cool.

Happy 1 year anneversary on the mission! just one more to go! It is going by fast. We really taught no one this week.. So it was a little rough for me.. BUT IVE ONLY GOT UP TO GO!

love you all,

Elder Hamrick

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