Monday, January 26, 2015

Well... Things Don't Always Go Up

January 26, 2014

This week honestly was a little bit difficult. It started off with My companion Getting an ear infection. We went to the health clinic and everything and it happened to be his birthday too. Well we also had two baptisms that were supposed to happen this week. Neither one of those baptisms happened this week. 

One of our investigators was really super ready to be baptized 2 weeks ago... But he got sick, then after he got better, he completely changed... He is a different person and he doesnt want to be baptized anymore. IT was super weird, Theres a lot more detail, but its kind of creepy. It is just important that he changed. 

The couple that will be baptized on the 13th will then be baptized on the 15th! The transfer happens a week before this... I am super hopeful that I stay here long enough to go to their wedding and be a part of their baptism as well. 

We are always trying new fruit. We ate a Fruit called Pitamba. It was super good. 

This week really was just frustrating. We had so many things that we were expecting to happen, and not one of them happened. It wasnt all bad, but it was still not that good. Something that was pretty cool. One of the people that was recently having tooth aches. We were able to give her a blessing to not feel pain. She ended up getting her wisdom teeth Taken out, and she was still able to go to church the next day to be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Miracles do happen. We spent our whole morning on sunday trying to pick people up to go to churhc. Well none of them were able to.. When we got to church there was zero people at church that we are teaching. By the end of the first hour... there was 6 we were very happy with that.

I am missing a lot of things about home right now for some reason... I know I will have everything when I get back in a year, but theres still hard times. And when those hard times come you always miss the good times back home... haha... 

We are going to start learning Brazilian Sign Language to teach this deaf guy, it will be an awesome Eye opening experience. 

I love you all, thank you for all of the support I get every week. 

Elder Hamrick

It's never too late for Christmas! Some people thought we were super heroes!

My companion and I matching! 
My companions birthday! 
Our pet bird, who got stuck in our house... TED. 

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