Monday, January 26, 2015

I Found Family

January 19, 2015

So something that was pretty sweet that happened this week... I found out that Elder West and I are actually related. We have one of the same grandparents... Charles Dangerfield. It is a pretty distant cousin, but still! Its super legit! Makes me love Him like a cousin!

(My chart is on the right and his is on the left. We are family) 

So something really funny that happened at the start of this week was a 12 year old asked us if we have other clothes, or if we sleep in the clothes that we always wear. It was super funny. It will be weird when I change into other clothes for once..

So this week we started a wedding! We had to go all the way into Downtown Fortaleza. It was super sweet. The wedding thing was pretty simple too, so It was legit. I like big cities a lot more than I like little towns. We found this shop that sells a lot of cool little souvenirs and things like that. I will for sure visit there when we go back for the wedding on the 13th. 

We have a lot more work to do than we are doing... It is sad that at times we forgot to do things. WE have soo much to do as missionaries now. We have to confirm like all the members on the list to help the ward list out. And teach all of the people that we found, and all the people who recently joined the church. We are for sure keeping busy here, so dont worry. 

The spirit is super crucial to everything we do. Sometimes its hard to only use the spirit, but if we did we would find so many people and help so many people. One thing cool that Happened for me this week with my studies, I used a scripture I studied every day. During the day I would think back to my study and use a scripture I found. That is how it needs to be every day. 

We were supposed to have 2 baptisms... Well one of them happened, and the other came down with a sickness. It is super annoying that the adversary will even use sickness to prevent anyone from progressing closer to Heavenly Father. 

Elder West, Me, Vinicius, HIs Mom, His Dad, His sister Vivian (Member)
The baptism

We actually ate the Jaca this week. The last one was bad. 

( Jaca... It looks like brains)

IT is getting super hard for me to not have music. 

Remember that I love you all. I miss you a lot too. 

Elder Hamrick

Huge Catholic Church
Market there

Lourinha which means little blond girl... She pooped on me.. You can see it on my my hand. Haha. 

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