Monday, August 25, 2014

A week indeed

August 25, 2014

So to be honest this week was a pretty awful one. We went from having 22 lessons a week to 8 lessons... It just felt pretty down and crappy. We tried our best and nothing really seemed to succeed... So enough about the bad feelings. It was a lot of the week, but it's time to focus on the good stuff :)

So i finally got to use the musical talent I've been given for something mission related. I was asked to sing at a zone conference! Zone conference is basically a big awesome stake conference with
president Taylor, but it's with 3 zones! It was pretty awesome. Any time that our mission president talks it is just awesome to hear what he has to say. And he always does have something to say. So me and 4 other missionaries started preparing a song and it was a pretty dang hard arrangement. A few of us couldn't get it down, so we decided to
do "Be Still My Soul" it felt great. I didn't sound the best because I was singing baritone which is higher than what I usually sing when working with choral stuff. Music is the best!

So at zone conference they have all the missionaries about to leave go up there and bear their testimonies. All of them got up and were saying how sad they were to be leaving. I got to bear my testimony. I seemed to be the same way. It feels like I'm going home already, but
no I'm going to a completely different mission.. In Brazil. It has made me more motivated to be a better missionary, and when it happens not let the language hold me back. I Will NOT let it.

So even though we didn't have much success this week we found this amazingly prepared couple for this gospel. They were leaving their church because they didn't feel like they were teaching the correct principles. So of course we taught them why that was. Or at least why we think that is. Most of the time when we hand out a Book of Mormon or a pamphlet we ask them to pray with a sincere heart and read it
with an open mind. Well she decided to tell us that's what she needed to do. Then asked us what Jesus did the three days before he was resurrected. Well before we could answer her she told us that he was teaching the people in spirit paradise to know him and his teachings.
It was a pretty cool experience. Talk about prepared.

We have this man who has been visited by missionaries for quite a few years. He's read the Book of Mormon way more times than I have. He is a great man. He's pretty old and has some health issues. When other missionaries in the past have met with him they just drop him. They didn't see the potential in him. He is almost now starting to think of
the Book of Mormon as true. I love the people out here haha.

We had so much planned for this week! And it all fell through. I think it's just Heavenly Father making me more excited for Brazil. Who knows. Something interesting about this week. Everything seemed to crash and burn! All of the people we are teaching have not been
progressing this week and now some are even avoiding us.

Bro. Hardy is a person I am going to miss a lot... He went out with us on one of the nights and it was just fun. It seems like there is something weird going on in this area though. Every time we bring out
a member of the church no ones answers their doors even when we have
specific appointments. It's super weird haha.

We had dinner at another 60's diner! With the awesome Andersens! They
are so loving to missionaries! They are so willing to take us where and when we need to.

So this is the first time I can say I've done this on my mission. One night we were out and we see this lady we who've talked to before. She was talking about some cat in her garage. We asked her if she needed help and she said sure I don't want to get my face clawed off by this cat feel free. So we spent the next 20 minutes trying to coax this cat out of her garage. The cat was just super scared. It was friendly. It let me pick it up. She wanted to take it to the humane society, but we couldn't get it in the kennel. So we just let it go. Eventually the lady gave us each like 3 ties! And no one got their face clawed off. So overall a pretty good trade off.

Saturday night was pretty awesome! One of the people I was teaching in Vancouver 7th got baptized! I was able to go there and see all the missionaries who taught her. Who just happened to be my last two companions. So it was awesome. She needed it and now she has that amazing gift from our Heavenly Father.

All of the Elders that have taught her. 

Sunday was cool. We have meetings until church then dinner after that. Then we stopped by a bunch of people. Bro Hardy knew it was a rough week so he invited us over for cookies. His family is the best! It made my night amazing. But it also made me feel sad because I have to
leave them!

That's about it for this week to be honest. 

Love you,

Elder Hamrick

A cool view near Brother Hardy's backyard. 

One of the members has baby ducks! And basically a whole farm in her back hard. Notice the bird behind me as well. She's got a lot of stuff.

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