Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week One in the Field

Alright so I have a lot to write about today. I will get all the logistical stuff out of the way first. Once I got to the Vancouver Washington Mission I was able to meet the Mission President and his wife. Let me just say that the best way I can describe them is awesome. They are both loving and kind, and just super cool and fun to be around. I think I am going to like being in this mission. I got assigned to serve in the Blue lake Ward in Gresham Oregon. We are living in apartments. And by we, I mean We. I am with my companion, and another companionship. It is pretty fun living with all of these people. Makes it pretty exciting. My companion is Elder Olschewski his name is polish. He is from Utah. It is pretty funny seeing us walk together. I am 6 2 and he is about 5 7. hahaha. We are just outside of Portland. I like it here though, it is pretty cool. 

The first day I got to the field was a super chill day. We kind of just all learned about the mission.. AND GOT OUR IPADS.. my mission uses Ipads, and it is one of the trial missions. And I also get to use facebook, if any of you havent noticed anything I posted. I think that it is a blessing that we get to recieve these wonderful pieces of technology to help us further the work. I am not going to lie though, sometimes it is pretty difficult to stay on task. But I know with time it will become easier. We are allowed to post anything that helps with our purpose. Just like simple messages or experiences that I have, it is pretty cool.

The first couple of days that I was actually with my companion were pretty boring. We had to get a lot of routine stuff done, and didnt get to do much work. Then after that we did service a lot in one day. Like 6 hours worth. It was cool helping people out, and seeing the joy they get when we do that service for them. I LOVE SERVICE. I think that my companion was stuck with a goober last time, so he was used to not doing a whole lot with his day. Don't worry I am going to change that. We are going to work our butts off.

I guess there really isnt that much to write about... oh ya.. I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting the first week I was in the ward. That was exciting... The topic of the talk was Revelation becomes our guide to application. Quite the topic huh? it turned out pretty well actually.. No one told me that we were going straight here to email so I dont have my talk with me. I can send you an email with my talk in it either sometime today, or on next p day. Hopefully you all will like it. 

I have gotten to meet a couple cool people here already. Someone in our ward is a professional snowboarder. There are also some people that are just awesome and fun to be around. 

For any of you who want to actually write me like letters. Here is my address  2223 NW 99th St. Washington Vancouver 98665.

I think that is all for today. I Iove you all, and hope that you are doing really well!


Elder Hamrick (am Rick EE)

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