Sunday, March 16, 2014

I leave the MTC Tuesday

It is crazy how fast time flies while you are here. I am gone... In like 3 days... And I will be on a mission! How crazy is that! I am loving it here though. One of the best parts about the MTC is meeting all the people from different cultures countries and languages. Seriously all I do after a long day of work, Is go and talk to everyone that I can in my residence. I have met some of the best guys and most awesome guys ever here. I LOVE it. I feel like I was meant to go to the islands, because I just get along with them so well. It is alright they are my brothers from other mothers, and I still love them. So many of them want me to come back with them after our missions and go to the island where they are from. I have really gotten close to this one Tongan whose name is Elder Kaafi. He is one of the most genuine and nice people I have ever met. I love him. Every time I am with him we talk for like an hour. He didn't speak any english before he got to the MTC, and now he can talk to me and we can just talk. I would love to make it to Tonga with him! Elder Kaafi my brotha... 

It is actually really sad to be leaving all of these awesome people. You spend all of your time with all these people, and become so close to them, then you leave them in a few weeks. I don't even get it. But I love it, and hate it at the same time.

Portuguese is pretty good at this point. I am nowhere near fluent, but I can hold a conversation and be able to say about 70% of what I am going to say. I will have an hour of language study in Washington that I will definitely use to the best of my ability, but honestly where I will REALLY learn it is in Brazil, if and when I get there haha. Portuguese has taught me a lot though. Since we have always been teaching our lessons in Portuguese, it made me realize that teaching in english is going to be so much easier. We have learned how to say exactly what we need to say to get our point across, and not ramble on about everything. It is such a blessing to be able to go to a US mission before, so I can better myself as a missionary, in my primary language. I am so Thankful for it. I had an awesome opportunity this week. There are people that are not members that the church hires and pays to walk around the campus for a certain amount of hours. We are allowed to teach them whenever we can. So me and my companion decided to teach one! It was such a powerful and amazing experience. I love it. It was so spiritual, and I actually got to speak in english! It felt really weird honestly haha.

I got to host Senior missionaries this week. It was such an awesome experience for me. I got to talk to all of them. The world is really small when you are talking to people about the church. One of the couples I hosted has a granddaughter in the Independence Mission! Speaking of that, be looking out for a sister horn! We have gotten really close in the MTC, and she is going to be in Independence waiting for her Visa on reassignment!

I have been able to sing with only like four people. I have waited my whole time here to find someone who I can harmonize and sing with, AND I FOUND THEM! I am super excited, but now I am leaving. As soon as I get to Washington I am going to find a ukulele to play and buy, I MISS IT SO BAD. I miss it so much though.

I am going to write a part of this in portuguese just so you all can see a little bit of it:

Entou, pregando do evangelho e agorra meu favorito Qoiza fazer. Eu Moito Ama isso. Eu Qeuro Dar voce Meu Testimunho. Eu Recebia A Moito force testimunho aqui. Eu sei que Moitas Qoizas em nossos Vidas e Dificil. Mas Tambem Eu sei que Deus pode Ajudar nos com que nos precisamos. Com fe e disejo aprender, e crescer nos podemos estar O melhor nos estar. Eu amo Da CTM e todo ele fazia para mim. Eu sei que o Livro de Mormon e verdade. E Jose SMith e Uma profeta. Eu falou estes qoizas em oh nome de Jesus Cristo Amem

The next letter will be from WASHINGTON on monday. 


Elder Parker Pratt Hamrick (Am-Rick-ee) [How the polys and brazilians say my name]

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