Monday, March 23, 2015

We Will See What's to Come

This super weird road... Just walking... Living the dream.. Bem Vindos ao Brasil Ceara 

March 23, 2015

So a few exciting things happened this week... We had two baptisms yesterday... Also I got a call.. I was not transferred (transfers were yesterday) BUT. Now I am a district leader.... I dont even know what to do.. It is a big responsibility, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me, and that He trusts me... I am excited and nervous at the same time... So we will see what happens...

So usually I write down everything that happened this week, but this week I forgot, so I will for sure forget things..

I think this week was the week that I laughe the most on my whol mission... Me and Elder G. Silva are just having a great time together... We are teaching, helping and just having a good time. 

We were able to go to a wedding of someone in the ward... Sadly we had to leave right when the bride got there because it was already too late... It was cool to see a wedding and the happiness it brings... And knowing that They can live together forever once they are married in the temple...

So this week didnt rain too much.... but there was one day that was ridiculous..  It actually just happened to be the day of the wedding... So we were with this guy in the ward.. We were going to a referal that he gave to us. then it started to rain a bit... so it was totally normal... it was just a cool little rain... well before too long it started ppouring... We had limitied time so we just kept on going... IT was CRAZY!!!! We were going to this little tiny road... We were in water up to our knees. I have never seen waves of water in the road before... but it happened here... It was crazy... All of my clothes were super soaked.. MY scriptures planner and everything... Thanks rain... haha

WE had some good times this week. We will have more baptisms this next week... I dont remember too many details... Sorry. 

LOve you all I am doing well

Elder HAmrick

First baptism in this area. Elder G. Silva baptized Ilana and I baptized Stefania

You could say we got a little bit wet... look at that super clean water after I took off my shoe hahaha

Sad day... The peanut butter is gone

We got a little wet, haha! 

Happy soaking wet Elder Hamrick 

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