Monday, March 23, 2015

It's a War, Just Keep Fighting

March 16, 2015

I dont think that I have ever worked so hard in one week before on the mission. We were just going non stop... It is crazy to think that we got into this area with basically nothing to start with. Now we are having a hard time finding time to find new people to help haha.. We have so many already. 

This week we were going to have 3 baptisms.. Well something happened and all three fell through.. Thats why I named this its a way... Because Really it is a war. We know who will always win, but we still have to keep fighting our best that we can.

Also I got pretty sick this week... I had a fever of 100.4... haha and guess who still worked the most that I could? ME I worked until like 5:30 It was hard... But we had so many people to pass by I couldnt let the time go to waste... Also I have a sty in my eye... It is super annoying and it was really swollen.. It is getting better though... 

It is crazy how fast time is flying... I really dont even understand it... March is basically more than half way over... General Conference is like 2 weeks from now... And my birthday is in two months from today.. How does that work? I am still confused how the time is flying... BUT I AM THE PILOT... well more like the co-pilot... I dont have a whole lot of time left in my mission... I got to make the best of it..

Sometimes I am so accustomed to the language and everything I forget that I am in Brazil.. It is crazy how far away I am from home.. I get reminded every time that I say I am from the US and someone says... WOah thats super far away... I know...


BRazil is having a lot of protests against their president... hopefully this wont interrupt any of our work, 

Thats all about it.. I forget to write a lot of details, but it seems like I ahve less and less time every week haha. 

Love you all

Elder Hamrick

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