Monday, November 3, 2014

The Importance of Gratitude

The streets of braziliaaaaaaa

October 27, 2014

I love the time that we have to study in the morning, because It kind of changed my whole outlook. I will be honest, the begining of this week was really hard for me mentally. I was feeling pointless here, and wanting to return to WAshington to continue my mission (Even though I am pretty sure thats not an option) I felt good there, like I was making a difference in something... Here it is hard for me to feel that way, because I dont exactly feel like me yet. But I was studying one day this week. I read a talk from 2 general conferences ago about Gratitude. This quote stood out to me. ´´It is gratitude that heals the heart and expands the mind´´ This became the theme for me for this week. It really changed my attitude. We have so much to be grateful for, even if I am not making a big difference Here, I still have to be grateful for even being here in the first place. 

We saw a meteor this week. That was pretty sweet it was in the sky for like 15 seconds. Pretty cool because I have never seen that before. 

Alma 26:27 is such a great scriptures. I love the Book of Mormon, it is full of insights that we can apply in our lives daily. I also Just finished reading the New Testament this week. It is awesome to read the scriptures. It is crazy how much I have changed in this aspect. Before my mission I never read anything, and now all I do is read.

Something cool we did this week. We went to a part of our area that literally no missionary has ever been before. We asked people if they have ever seen us. Not one of them knew who we were, or who mormons even were. It was crazy that they have never even heard of us. It was pretty cool at first, ´the people there arent any more accepting. The first time we went there was good, we went there a second time, and all of the people that we talked to befoer kind of just droppped all interest. Sadly this happened, and it was a 20 minute bus ride. IT is an area really far from us. 

I also read about the power of hope. And how I am leaving a heritage of hope for all of my descendents. I am the only hamrick to serve a mission in this generation, so I need to serve it well. The power of prayer is a real thing that we need to use more in our lives. IT really does help us, and the Lord really does hear our prayers. I think that People here dont understand the power of prayer.

WE went to another area this week to help people out with interviews... we stayed there the whole day. We had a couple interesting days of helping other missionaries.

I love you all, this week was good, and I look forward to talking to you all again next week. 

Elder Parker Pratt Hamrick

Joseph Smith

Pequinia (small thing) she is my buddy
A pretty cool bird

I got to play guitar today! I miss it, but I realized I don't need it to survive.

Zone P Day
The Zone 

We bobbed for apples... More like dunked for apples
Made mummies
The companionship

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