Monday, November 3, 2014

Because Salvation Was Never a Cheap Experience

October 20, 2014

This week. As you can see the subject of the email is about salvation. and how it is not a cheap experience. Missionary work is all about salvation, and it is not easy thats for sure. This week was just kind of interesting. 

SO we started off this week witha  freezer adventure. We had a bunch of ice built up in our freezer so we decided to clean it out. The only way I knew how was to use water, so we basically flooded our house. But Tudo Bem Everything was good. We live on the second floor and just wiped all the water down the stairs and out the door haha. It was funny, but it was a lot of work haha. But worth it. now we have a beautiful fridge... kind of...

I probably will return loving to clean, or hating it. because here I basically have to clean every single day. I dont know why but everything in our house gets covered with dirt... every single day... I wont have anything clean within a couple weeks haha. HAving things dirty bothers me so I clean a lot haha. 

SO this week I had multiple people call me edward cullen and for the second Time I have had someone tell me that I have beautiful eyes to my face. Haha it is pretty funny how people here will just be honest with you and not hold in their thoughts pretty much haha. Another funny thing is that people here have clothes with english phrases on them. I guaruntee that they dont know what their shirts say. They never really make any sense. They are just happy they have something with english. So there is a picture of John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus in one of the pamphlets. Well we asked one of our investigators what she thought the pictures was. She said ´´A person Holding Jesus and smacking him´´ IT was so funny we were all laughing. Then right after that we were walking to a house and a kid said ´´Para! Ele Vai Moher Voces´´ WHich means stop he will kill you... It was a dog. He immediately ran towards us barking like none other, luckily he was on a leash... wooo... that was scary haha.

So at this point in all my other areas on my mission I have felt a reason for being in that area... Here is a little different. I am not feeling that at all.. I just kind of feel like I am here. I want to help everyone, but I dont feel like anything or anyone is getting better because I am here. I just feel like I am going with the Flow. I am trying to change it, but its just how I have been feeling. Repetative and not helpful. 

This week was pretty good, but it feels like we are pulling teeth with some of the people we are meeting with. We are trying our best to help them and they are just waiting for us to show up and change it for them. they arent really willing to do anything to help out. Although we do have this couple that is super awesome and they are changing their lives. It is cool to see that. 

Some random culture things. Here they have fireworks randomly throughout the day... I have had a lot of fruits and juices that I have never even heard of before like a├žerola, Tamarino, Caja, and Maracuja. I will have to bring back some juice mixes for people to try. Its pretty legit. And people here say neh at the end of every sentance, its super weird haha. 

All is well in Maracanau. Love you,

Elder Parker Hamrick

You can always tell where Elder Hamrick has been. 


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