Monday, July 21, 2014

Work, work, work

July 14, 2014

So this week was full! There was so much that we did. It felt like we
were just going non stop, which was a great thing. Last p day was super boring though. We just sat around the stake center, and I played guitar. I don't think people like going there too much either. I don't blame them, there isn't anything fun to do!

Tuesday was a pretty awesome day. We set our goal to have a lot of member presents this week! We achieved our goal! No thanks to really awesome members and well planned out days. Tuesday we were doing service and helping someone move out, then we had an appointment in the same apartments. Well as we are about to go up we hear "hey elders" and we get confused so we go talk to who said it. It was a new
member to our ward who had just moved in! So we get talking then say we gotta go to our lesson. As we are waiting for our lesson to start the husband comes out and says if you guys ever need help with lessons or anything let me know ok? So we said, how about right now? He went in to ask his wife. It was perfect he came to the lesson and really
made that lesson flow, especially since he was neighbors to the person we are teaching. God has a plan just as much as we plan for our days :)

The next day was zone meeting... Haha the funniest thing happened. We were doing an object lesson thing and we were supposed to go through a maze once with our eyes open, then the next time with our eyes blindfolded. Well elder Morris our district leader decided he was
going to run through the maze. He didn't make it 5 feet before he ran straight into the stage with his leg. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've seen so far. He hit that thing hard... It was hilarious. We learned a lot from that. "You can't run through life" and expect it to go as planned, or well at all... Haha we have things I n our life that help us along to get us to the end of the maze. If we
don't use them, we will end up with big old bruises on our legs. Things will happen that could have been prevented.

The next day was pretty amazing. We went to get my bik fixed. This bike has become a huge pain in the butt. It always has something wrong with it. I don't plan on spending anymore money on it. Anyways while we are doing that we went over to a thrift shoo right next to the bike shop to look for ties. You wouldn't believe what I found.... A $5 pair
of brown eccos... In pretty amazing shape. They are such a beautiful shoe. So I felt pretty good about finding that. Not every day that happens. I felt super blessed.

So you know how last week I told you about all the wild blackberries that grow everywhere here? Well I decided to try one out. It was on the side of the road so I just picked it. I waited to wash it off to
get anything nasty off of it. Well I went to bed then woke up the next day pretty dang sick. I'm pretty sure I ate a blackberry that had weed killer on it. My body didn't like that. I was pretty dang sick until about dinner. So I will not be eating them off the side of the road
any longer. Hahaha

Something funny. I always gotta have something funny. I continue to get compared to James and dean Franco. So I just tell them we are cousins. If you don't know who they are, they are actors. It's pretty funny though. They will be like oh wow you look like someone. So I automatically say that, and they freak out and say ya! That's who!
It's pretty funny. Maybe I will just be actor when I get home :)

Something I miss more and more each day is music. It is so weird not being able to listen to all the stuff that I would normally listen to. I mean efy music and Christian bands are good and stuff, but it's not the same haha.

A couple of days ago we went through a park on the way home, this strain is absolutely amazing.. Hha like awesome trees, it is just a great feeling to be in nature. I am amazed by Gods creations every single day I look outside. It is beautiful here. I am glad to be here.

Fridays here are pretty much uneventful. We have Portuguese class from 1-3 and then weekly planning pretty much. We take a lot of time to do weekly planning, we are getting so much netter at it! Haha, but that is pretty much what our Fridays consist of every week.

The next day was super fun! We had the opportunity to paint for one of our members! We painted a whole room. It reminded me of doing all that apartment maintenance. I am thankful for that every day. I learned a lot from doing that. It brought back some good memories, so it was pretty fun doing that. After that we had a great plan to so garage sale talking to people. It was like national garage sale day here on Vancouver on Saturday for some reason. Everyone had sales going on! That is the best place to talk to people. Elder Martin and I really do
not enjoy knocking on doors, so we find other ways to talk to people that doesn't involve bothering the crap out of them by knocking on their doors. Anyways we got to do that. We talked to so many people!
It is amazing. They all pretty much listened to us too. They may have felt bad for us because it was like 90 something degrees out, but we got like three potential investigators out of it. And some other goodies. You wouldn't guess what I found. I found another pair of
super awesome shoes! For $2 this time! Holy cow I am blessed! Then I found a volleyball and got it for 12 cents. I should be getting better at volleyball now :) and we had a lesson with one of our investigators who will be getting baptized in August. It is amazing to see how much
the gospel has made a difference in her life. When we got there she was sad and not really feeling up to much, by the time we left she was smiling and animated. It is amazing to see the influence of the gospel in people's lives while I'm on a mission. It really does make a difference, and bring happiness to other peoples lives. This gospel is happiness.

Overall it was a great week! Even though it may have been like 90 degrees the whole time. I loved it, and I love this work :) I hope you all have a great week. Look for those tender mercies that are out
there. You will find more joy with your life.


Elder Hamrick

I had a photo shoot with my shoes that I had recently polished haha.
The top ones are the eccos. The bottom ones are super nice but I have
no clue on the brand or type of shoes

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