Tuesday, April 22, 2014

it has been like two months

It is crazy how fast time flies when you are on a mission. I have been gone from home for 10 whole weeks already! Time flies when you are having fun i suppose :P

Well not much to write about this week actually. The most exciting thing is that we have two baptisms this week! I didnt really teach either of them, but i guess it is awesome to have the experience of being at a baptism, who doesnt like baptisms!? One of the people is Megan. She is married to a professional snowboarder and model who was once innactive. He is being reacctivated and just got the melkezidic priesthood so he will be able to baptize and confirm his wife! She has been taught for like three years now, and is getting baptized soon. THIS SATURDAY. The other baptism is a woman named Vickie. She has been taking lessons for quite a while too. She has had issues with smoking, and was in a pretty bad place about a year ago. Now SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED. I have grown to love each of them. I want what is the best for them. I will send pictures when It happens by next p day :)

I finished the Book of Mormon this week! I read it in almost exactly 2 months which is pretty good for me  seeing as how I wouldnt even read it before I left. I have learned so much just by reading it. ABout myself and about Christ, and About this church. Once you read it once, you just want to share it with everyone pretty much. MY plan now is to read all of the new testament. Once I have read that. I plan on reading JEsus the Christ, and after that Doctrine and Covenants. Then I plan on reading the Old Testament. Then THen the whole order again and again. All while reading the Book of Mormon In Portuguese to better myself in the language. IT is awesome how much has changed with me since I have been gone. 

I just want to make the best of my time here. To be known for being a killer missionary, but I cant do it alone. THis has been such a test of my faith. I dont have any progressing investigators really, and basically all of my potentials have fallen through. IT is hard to become a better teacher when there is no one for you to teach. Missionary work isnt always what everyone says. finding new people every day by knocking doors, and sitting there and having the spirit super strong and teaching so much truth. A lot of it is hard work. YOu go door to door for three hours and you can talk to as little as 6 people. Sorry if some of you view this as negative. I am not someone to be happy go lucky and lie. I am going to tell you all how it really is on a mission. Don't get me wrong, there are still good moments with some people, but people here dont seem to enjoy talking to us very much. Its frustrating when you know you have something that will make their lives so much better, but they refuse to accept it and believe that it will help them. THey are so stuck in the ways that they are used to. A change just is too ridiculous for them.

God has a plan for all of us, and maybe I am here to just plant a whole bunch of seeds. Who knows. Well God does, we will just have to see. I am getting more and more anxious to make it to brazil. I know that it will take time, and it wont be too soon probably. I have recieved no news on my visa as of yet. It is just the waiting game. WE WILL SEE.

That is about it. I love and miss you all, hopefully you are all having a wonderful week, until next time

Elder Hamrick

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